Cheap Deck help


I am new to the competitive side of Pokemon tcg, so jam wondering what a good cheap deck that will do well in tournaments. Know the game well so can play any kind of deck, just need it to be cheap so I don’t spend lots of money right of the back. Thanks


The cheapest one:


Flareon is quite cheap to build


Flareon deck list plz


If you are new to this game flareon might not be good to play, it is very complicated and tricky.


If you are just new to the game then you should probably play something simple. A simple easy deck to play is Night march. It’s easy and simple to play and you can add in a lot of “tech” cards in it. For example Flareon, Flareon helps you against a very popular deck Virizion Genesect. Heres the list I used at states. I got top 8 with it so it’s pretty deck
4x Pumpkaboo Phantom forces 44
4x Lampent Phantom forces 42
4x Joltik Phantom forces 26
3x Mew Ex Dragons Exalted 46
2x Eevee Plasma freeze 90
2x Flareon Plasma freeze 12
1x Jirachi Ex Plasma blast 60
1x Mr Mime


4x Professor Juniper
3x N
2x Lysandre
1x Lysandres trump card
4x Vs Seeker
4x Ultra ball
4x Battle compressor
4x Acro Bike
2x Roller Skates
3x Muscle band
3x Dimension Valley
1x Computer Search


4x Double Coloress

The strategy of this deck is to put as many pokemon in the discard with the attack of night march. Try to save at least two joltik and two pumpkaboo so you don’t run out of attackers. Use mew as your main attacker because it has more health. Problems against this deck is Seismitoad but if you can set up a 180 damage night march before seismitoad attacks with quaking punch you are good. Hope you like the list and if you have any questions you can just ask me!



Cheap, Fun and Competitive


Exeggcute for Empoleon’s Diving Draw, correct?
Archie’s Ace in the Hole or evolution for Empoleon? (Empoleons are going for $10 each [ebay])
Which Genesect are you speaking of? (Genesect-EX is going for ~$15-~$30 [ebay])


Yep Diving Draw Empoleon.

Mew Ex for Nightmarch are going fot $ 10 each too and you need at least 3 copys and Genesect-Ex you only needs 1

Flareon Plasma has the same price as Empoleon Diving Draw common version


All on ebay:
Mew-EX is ~$8
Flareon (Plasma) is ~$5

Empoleon is twice as expensive as Flareon (Plasma).



I think he means the non-secret rare version.