"Chat Well" – On Pokemon as a Live Event and the Importance of Respectfully Spectating

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At my first Worlds in 2008 I witnessed spectators cheering every time that Khanh Le flipped tails during the final. Left a really sour taste in my mouth and the feeling that a lot of Pokemon players were complete and utter jerks (and by ‘jerks’, I mean something that’s a lot less PG-13).

You don’t forget things like that, so I wholeheartedly sympathize with and support your call for greater sportsmanship from spectators.

First of all I’m glad to have your positive reaction on this!

Your reply made me think though: we’re probably going to have some important matches decided by something like Catcher flips this year. There’s gonna be people rooting for one side, always, perhaps even a majortiy of the spectators. What if the opponent of that side flips tails on a crucial Catcher? I can’t say I expect everyone to hold in…

Nothing wrong with cheering if the guy you want to win flips heads, but cheering someone else’s misfortune is pretty low. as far as I’m concerned. At the time it kind of shocked me, but it wouldn’t now.

That’s why I liked your article. It reminded me that people can choose to be sporting if they really want and that not every live stream chat has to end up being so moronic that you turn it off after reading 2 posts.