Charizard-EX // NXD-on


I feel that Victory Piece is not very reliable since you never want to attack with Victini because it will most likely results in you taking 1-2 prizes while your opponent will most likely take 2 prizes since almost if not all decks can easily OHKO Victini,plus it’s easily discarded. My conclusion, is pretty much that I think Victory Piece is very distasteful and dowsing machine is better in every situation.


Ryan Sabelhaus used Victini EX & Victory Piece in his Dragonite/Garbodor deck to take 1st at Florida Regionals last winter. Brandon Smiley used them in his Big Tex deck last fall and won Houston Regionals. People have used Victory Piece and performed well in the past. Could it succeed in the current format? I’m not sure.

Both decks above played 4 Skyla, which allowed for more consistent access to Victory Piece. A Charizard deck wants to be using Junipers and Blacksmiths turn 1 and 2 to get a quick and lethal setup. For that reason, I don’t think Victini EX or Victory Piece compliment Charizard EX.

Often times it will be slower to accelerate energy via Victini EX in this deck (especially since you can’t attack T1 going first.) One of Victini’s strengths in the past was how it could decimate a Virizion/Genesect deck with Intensifying Burn, and it still can, but Charizard already has an extremely favorable matchup without it.

It’s also worth noting that Tool Scrapper / Megaphone are staples in a lot of decks, and Victory Piece may not get much use.


I don’t think that Victini EX (and therefore Victory Piece) is a good fit for this kind of deck for acceleration. Since Charizard/Pyroar decks heavily rely on item cards that draw more cards and Blacksmith, Dowsing Machine seems better for this kind of deck. All of the games I’ve seen/played Victini Ex always has a big target on it’s head, so that’s another reason I don’t recommend play for this deck. And as jestr3am really got downgraded after the rule change this season (can’t attack first turn.)


Here is my list.

Pokemon: 11

3 Charizard EX (Combustion Blast)
4-4 Pyroar

Supporters: 8

4 Lysandre
4 Blacksmith

Items: 29

4 Bicycle
4 Roller Skates
4 Fiery Torch
4 Ultra Ball
4 Muscle Band
3 Switch
2 Prof. Letter
1 Escape Rope
1 Pal Pad
1 Sacred Ash
1 Computer search ACE SPEC

Energy: 12

8 Fire

The first thing I get when I talk about this list is something along the lines of, “Dude! Where are your draw supporters? You need like 4 Juniper and N in EVERY deck!”

My response is simple: This deck wants to play Blacksmith or Lysandre every turn. You can’t play Blacksmith or Lysandre during the same turn you play an N or Juniper. Therefore, I’d rather play a Item based draw engine and save my supporter-for-the-turn for Lysandre and Blacksmith.

It does have consistency issues occasionally, but usually it sets up pretty quickly. Most consistency issues stem from being very unlucky on the Skates flips.

I realize that the draw engine of this deck seems counter intuitive, but I tried it with a heavy supporter line and it just wasn’t fast enough for my taste.

Choice explanations:

4-4 Pyroar: The Star of the deck. Most decks struggle to deal with one or two, so I run 4.

Sacred Ash: MOAR PYROAR!!1!!1 Seriously. Potential 6 Prize game of nothing but Pyroars.

4 Lysandre: While Catcher is a non supporter option that opens up space for more draw supporters, it isn’t reliable. This deck NEEDS to grab Garbodor (or any other threat) off of the bench ASAP. Therefore, Lysandre is the better option IMHO, especially with the Item based draw.

3 Switch, 1 Escape Rope: 4 switching cards used to be standard. This deck needs to be able to get Pyroar out of poison from Lasers. It can also help reset Charizard’s Combustion Blast.

Computer Search: Only way I know of to search out DCE. It can obviously search out anything else too.


Stream Pyroar. Between 12 draw Items and 7 search cards, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Lysandre out Garbodors/Raichus/etc. and try to OHKO them. Blacksmith when you can. Save Charizard for Stage 2 Pokemon that Pyroar can’t handle. You can drop a Charizard out of nowhere with a DCE + Charizard + Blacksmith combo. Retreat or switch into Charizard and deal with the threat.

Pyroar + Muscle Band hits 110, which OHKOs most Pyroar checks.

Charizard hits 150 with Combustion Blast. That deals with what’s left after Pyroar.

Charizard + Muscle Band hits 170, which can OHKO many popular EXs for the last two prizes.

Critiques are welcome and appreciated.


I really like Charizard, I mean who doesn’t right?

4 Charizard EX (combustion blast)
3-1-3 Delphox
1 Entei EX

4 lasers
4 muscle band
3 rare candy
3 ultra ball
3 letter
3 switch

4 Blacksmith
2 Skyla

3 Juniper
3 N
3 Shauna

8 fire

computer search

The strategy is to load up Charizard EX as fast as possible with a DCE/Blacksmith/muscle band and swing away. Then focus on getting a delphox into play and use it to draw more cards and smash more face. Also delphox doubles as an attacker against pyroar.


I’ve tested this deck and trust me, it only works on paper. What always happens is that lets say yo don’t fail stoke turn 1 and actually manage to get heads:
Start: (being lucky enouh to start with M charizard, Charizard, Fliptini and a Fire is stupidly rare and almost impossible to obtain by the end of turn 1)
T1Opp: setup
T1You: Stoke Heads
T2Opp: Hit for 40-60 damage
T2:You: MegaEvolve
T3Opp: Hit for 50-100 damage
T3You: Crimzon Dive

By now you have never have any energy on anything except M Charizard, Your opponent saw you Mega and prepared something on the bench. You have taken somewhere from 90-160 damage. 6/10 times (actual figure I pulled while testing) you get KOed right after getting one attack off and 2/10 times you loose him before you can attack.


Still, nice to run 1 or 2 of each, surely. There will be times when you might want that N or Juniper


I disagree with the G Booster and the 5 grass energy. I am keeping in mind that it would prevent special conditions on Mega Charizard Y, but 9 fire energy are not enough in my opinion. Genesect is a good idea for catcher replacement, but Pyroar from Phamntom Forces is a better choice, and you can get back the fire energy with Blacjsmith.