CelloJake's 2016-2017 Season! (166/500)


Regionals/ Special Events: 16
Legaue Cups/ League Challenges:
(summer) 30/30
(Fall) 70/100
(Winter) 20:100

LC with Dark Tina (memory fades, pre rotation)

R1 vs. Greninja (W)
R2 vs. Metal (W)
R3 vs NM (L)
2-1, third place. (10 cp)

LC with Dark Tina (kss-fco)

R1 bye
R2 vs Trev (W)
R3 vs Sylveon (T)
R4 vs NM (L)

2-1-1, 5th place. (0 cp)

LC with Magnazone Raikou (prc-sts)

R1 bye (again LOL… my resistance :frowning: )
R2 vs Garchomp (L)
R3 vs Yveltal Garb Zebstrika (W)

2-1, second place (12 cp)

Lc with scizor
R1 vs rr (w)
R2 vs sceptile (w)
R3 vs friend (scoop)
R4 vs m2 (w)

3-1 (second)

Lc with scizor

R1 vs dark Tina (w)
R2 vs ray (w)
R3 vs m2 (l) (prized 4 energy)
R4 vs m2 (w)
R5 vs mirror (w)

4-1 (third) + 0

Lc with scizor

R1 vs Fright Night & friends (w)
R2 vs zygarde carbink (w)
R3 vs Garchomp (w)
R4 vs dispair ray (ID) (was the only 3-0)

3-0-1 (first) + 3

Florida Regionals with Greninja Talonflame

R1 vs yveltal/mew (ww)
R2 vs Greninja galvantula (wlt) (Should have been a win, I forgot he had delinquent and played into it, proceeding to draw 2 talon flames b2b)
R3 vs MM2 (wll)
R4 vs MM2/garb (LL) (brick)
R5 vs Zygarde/CenterLady/Garb (lwl) (Had deckout win game one if I hit a bubble)
R6 vs Rainbow Road (LL) (brick)
R7 vs MM2/Garb (ww)
R8 vs Volcanion (ww)
R9 vs Volcanion (ww)

side note Started talonflame 6 times on the day :confused: riiiiip*

4-4-1 (top 256) +0

LC with plume box (expanded)
R1 vs M Groudon (t)
R2 vs Waterbox (w)
R3 vs Turbo Dark (w)
R4 vs Megaman (w)
R5 vs Trev (w)

4-0-1 (first) +3

Lc with plume box (expanded)
R1 vs RR (w)
R2 vs toad yveltal (w)
R3 vs water box (w)
R4 vs shifty (scoop to friend)
R5 vs Dark (w)

4-1, second (+ 0)

Phoenix Regionals with plume box (expanded)
R1 vs Maxies Dark (WLW)
R2 vs Kevin Baxter w/ Mega Ray (WW)
R3 vs Greninja (WLT)
R4 vs Night March (LWT)
R5 vs Primal Groudon (LL)
R6 vs Carbink/Zygarde (LL)
R7 vs Zach Lesage w/ Greninja (LWL)
R8 (drop)

2-3-2 drop (+ 0)

LC with Thundercats

R1 vs Volcanion (w)
R2 vs Yveltal (w)
R3 vs Megaray (w)
R4 vs Pancakes (t)
(yes this tournament had amazing matchups)
3-0-1, second (+12)

Cup with Thundercats

R1 vs Machamp Ariados (w)
R2 vs Yveltal (w)
R3 vs Megaray (yes the same one from the lc) (w)
R4 vs M Scizor (w)
R5 vs Greninja (L)
R6 vs M Altaria (ID)
T8 vs Megaray (ww)
T4 vs M Altaria (ww)
Finals vs Volcanion (lwl)

Drew amazing until the finals, we take those. 6-2-1 +40 cp

Georgia Regionals with thundercats

R1 vs Tina Hammers (LWT)
R2 vs Megaray (WW)
R3 vs Yveltal (WW)
R4 vs M garde (LL)
R5 vs Turbo Dark (WLW)
R6 vs Turbo Dark (WW)
R7 vs Greninja (WLT)
R8 vs Bisharp Celebi Garvantula (LWT)
R9 vs Turbo Dark (LWL)

4-2-3, + 0 cp

Cup with Thundercats

R1 vs Volcanion (W)
R2 vs Gyarados (T)
R3 vs Volcanion (W)
R4 vs Volcanion (L)
R5 vs Megaray (W)
T8 vs Volcanion (WW)
T4 vs M M2 (LL)

4-2-1, 4th place. +30 cp

I think I should be over 100, but apparently my play points are messed up. 2 LC wins, and both cup finishes should be 100, but I am at 97 :confused: Need to figure out which LC didnt report!


How did you tie against Sylveon? And which Sylveon exactly?


My good friend was playing it and we tied since we could both get points if we won the last round. And the generations one.


Feels good to get my 2 for this seasons cap, going to try and improve my finishes but glad I got 2 out of the way before they are locked in October.


ayy bump for lc win, turns out scizor is pretty good


You tied against Despair Ray Mega Gardy? That’s like your best matchup what happened?


He probably ID’ed in that round.


I was 3-0 and if my friend went 2-1-1 he would get 4th as another 2-1 got downpaired and lost. We IDed


Updated with some lc action and florida. Florida was unfortunate, but despite loosing 2 rounds without doing a deck search I could have made cut. My tie in round 2 was due to me holding onto a vs seeker in hand instead of using sycamore, and I had forgotten he played delinquent in his list. (revealed game 1) I drew b2b talonflames and narrowly lost, and time was called going into g3. Extending the game or winning the game would have resulted in a win. Against MM2 in round 3, I was fasted with a scenario I didn’t test enough. I needed to either hit faded town, or return the water to my hand and deal an extra 20 but be faced with a damage change onto a benched graninja for ko. I banked on hitting the faded town, wiffed, and it turns out if I did the extra 20 he did not have the lysandre. (My active break had 140 on it) Hindsight 20/20. I believe if I had not made those mistakes I would have dodged the 4 center lady zygarde/garb that seemed impenetrable for greninja to kill with a ffb.


Ill update when I wake up/ have time but…

Lc w/ thundercats + 12 second place

league cup with thundercats +40 second place


Added all my thundercats tournaments. My final one will be this weekend, shooting for the finals so I can get more cp! I love Raikou Jolteon electrode, but once SM1 launches I fear the deck will suffer more bad matchups than it already has.


This is why I frequently check pokemon.com


Yea I left a message to support. I hope they fix it, while its just 3 points being at 100 points is a great milestone for me. This is my first full season and I am trying to make the most of it!


Which Shiftry was this? Isn’t the Giant Fan Shiftry banned in Expanded?


Shiftry from FlashFire I presume


From steam seige lol


Lc with Lurantis volcanion (expanded)
R1 vs megaray loss
R2 bye
R3 vs accelgor win
R4 vs accelgor win
3-1, third. +10

Not really on track for an invite like I wanted but still in the running.


St. Louis Regionals with yveltal Maxie’s

R1 Vs ho oh lwt
R2 vs accelgor lwt
R3 vs raikou ll
R4 vs toad bats lwt
R5 vs golduck ww
R6 vs mega m2 ww
R7 vs volcanion ww
R8 vs yveltal wlw
R9 vs accelgor ww

5-1-3, 95th. +16


St. Louis lc with Maxie’s yveltal

R1 vs raikou eels w
R2 vs mirror w
R3 vs mirror l
R4 vs darkrai w
R5 vs sable garb w
R6 vs no show w
R7 vs mega Ray L

5-2, 8th place. +0


League cup with espeon wob

R1 vs mega garde l
R2 vs mirror w
R3 vs mirror w
R4 vs mega m2 w
R5 vs dispair Ray T

T8 vs dark dragons wlw
T4 vs dispair Ray ll

4-2-1, 4th. +30