Categories suggestions


I purposely have started this forum out with only a few categories to condense discussion (since there are not many people on here yet), but over time if we find we need more categories, I am more than willing to make adjustments.

For now though, stick a topic in the “other” category if you don’t know where to put it.


Should a “Report” category be put in?
Like, for Tournament reports, because articles may or may not have this included.


I originally included a report category, but I’m not sure how needed it is.
For now, I think reports can go under the “event” category.

I think I may add a “draft” sub-category of articles though, for people
aspiring to become front page contributors.


I think the Decks need to be split up a bit.

I would like to keep the distinction between Competitive and Deck Help, but I can understand you wanting to minimize the number of forums.

I do think we should separate the Modified and Older Format decks though. I love all the old stuff you posted, but someone looking for deck advice isn’t going to want to scroll through the likes of Starbyss and Pow Block to find the ReshiBoar thread they are seeking.


Here are my thoughts about deck categories:

  1. I think every deck should have a thread. Even if it’s a bad deck like Reshiboar. I think the legitimate decks will be the ones that get talked about most, and naturally they will rise to the top of discussion. (This forum software I think automagically pushes popular topics more forefront.) So I don’t think there will need to be different sections for competitive and noncompetitive decks or to assign tiers anymore. We’ll have to see how things play out though.

  2. For total newbie decks that look like dropped binders, I think that’s a different scenario. I think maybe a “newbie” section is needed, where new players can get help (with any topic). Or maybe a “help” category. Ruling questions could be asked there too – any topic where the user is looking for an answer to a question or to be guided in the right direction, rather than to begin discussion. A brand new player looking to get deck help probably just wants their list to be fixed and be made aware of better options.

  3. I agree that formats need to be separated or better organized somehow. This software is supposed to eventually get a tagging feature, so I think that will ultimately be the best solution. (We can tag the deck with its format.) Otherwise a bunch of subcategories will have to be made, and that seems like a messy solution to me.

I will argue though that if someone is searching for a specific deck, the search function (the magnifying glass) is fastest.


I like the idea of a help category, maybe it could include a FAQ or Tips & Tricks thread covering regularly asked questions like “How to tell what is prized?”, “I’m just starting out and where can I get trainers cheaply?”, “Going to my first tournament, what do I need to know?” etc. Basically any ideas/tips/links people have found useful collected in one place rather than having to search a number of threads or start a new one to find the answer.


That’s a good idea. I was actually just thinking about the resources page I put together a while ago and how it needs to be updated. Having a pinned FAQ thread in the help category with those links plus more would be really good. Moderators could then help update it too so it would be maintained a lot better.



If it is possible to keep the Archetypes of the Past forum separate and formatted fairly well still, that would be awesome.

I saw you posted a lot of your own old ones on here. Chaostamer and I could work on integrating those.


Like I mentioned to @baby_mario, I do want to either separate or organize old format decks. I think the way I have it set up now is ok, having the format in the title and all deck topics in the same category. (The search function on here works pretty well – type HL-on or RS-on and you’ll see all the decks come up, organized by popularity I think.)


I’m wondering if threads about techs and specific cards should be included in the Deck Category? (Maybe make it ‘Decks and Strategy’).

There’s a couple of threads included in ‘Other’ which don’t really belong there (Techs for Plasma Decks and something about Carbink), Might be neater to include all TCG stuff except news under one section.


I’d probably go with a separate “Strategy” category. I’ll go through things and give it some thought later. I really want to have a section just with decks.

Also, both topics probably didn’t need their own threads – they could have been brought up in the appropriate deck threads.


That is a very good point. No reason why techs can’t be discussed in the Plasma thread.


I wasn’t sure the best place to post this, so I figures this would be the most appropriate… @Adam

I understand this is a website for competitive players, but could we perhaps have a “collector” sub forum or something along those lines? I’m sure there are people who collect as well as play the game. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Thank you and sorry if this is in the wrong spot.


Show me a thread that would belong in a “collector” forum.

(I don’t think there is a need for a dedicated category at the moment.)