Canadian Nationals Results, etc

Anyone with results, stories, etc.? I’m assuming day one is over by now…

Photo’s not very high quality, but here is a photo I was sent of the final standings. Again my apologies on the low photo quality.

1st seed: Waterbox
2nd seed: Darkrai/Giratina
3rd seed: YZG
4th seed: Waterbox

I have no idea about the other four people’s decks.

Well, its an improvement from last year…

Good luck @JoshF!

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Dat oddish on stream…

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Masters top 8

VV Jolteon
Mega Manectric/Trevenant/Giratina/Jolteon
Vespiquen Zebstrika
Mega Ray

Juniors Top 8

NO idea what decks Juniors were

Also from what I hear Seniors 5-7 is

fairies + jolteon
turbo darkrai zoroark

Hope this helps!

Well, from being there, there was no Night March, no Trevenant, and 1 Greninja.

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Is there a link to the stream??

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Congrats @JoshF on the win!


I know Derick Xu he’s my friends brother he told me he was playing Trev-BREAK

A little surprised not to seethe Davies’ on the lists.

Any chance anyone knows if the metal players (Ciaran Farah or Matthew Koo) have released their lists? I’ve been trying to get them from stream, but the quality’s a little low.

I think Ciarans is on virbank? Or is that the mega Ray list.

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I couldn’t find Ciarah’s, nor Simon’s.