Can Snorlax be a thing?


so ive been looking at the meta and there seems like a perfect place for snorlax. if you can trap things in the active, you can do pretty good. So heres the list:

1 Carbink (FCO 50)
1 Aegislash-EX (PHF 65)
1 Wobbuffet (GEN 111)
4 Snorlax (PLS 101)
4 Puzzle of Time (BKP 109)
4 N (NVI 101)
2 Head Ringer (PHF 97)
3 Professor Sycamore (BKP 107)
4 Max Potion (BKP 103)
1 Xerosic (PHF 119)
3 Team Plasma Ball (PLF 105)
4 VS Seeker (ROS 110)
4 Crushing Hammer (EPO 92)
2 Pokémon Catcher (DEX 111)
2 Team Rocket’s Handiwork (FCO 124)
3 Fighting Fury Belt (BKP 99)
2 Enhanced Hammer (PCL 162)
3 Team Flare Grunt (GEN 73)
2 Assault Vest (BKT 133)
2 Lysandre (FLF 104)
4 Trick Shovel (FLF 98)
4 Recycle (EPO 96)

any suggestions would be helpful


as far as I’m concerned no


@RisingRaichu, I’m confused. What are you trying to say here?

Snorlax is a cute idea but hex maniac is way too strong.


id agree with the fact that hex and garb destroy it, but if you can get rid of garbs float stones and keep the lysandres/catchers streaming if the opponent plays hex maniacs to make them have to keep hexing


It isn’t hard to stream hex’s and Ko a 130 HP Pokemon. Also, any decent player would just stack energy on a benched Pokemon and then AZ their active


Maybe if it was standard legal it could be s cute idea but it’s expanded sadly


yeah that does hurt but hes only a one prize blocker and i just realized i forgot my ace spec (life dew) so that could definitely help especially with puzzles and recycles


Tried this a long time ago, sorry it’s not too good.


The deck actually did decently during Spring Battle Roads and Nationals in 2013, using Hypnotoxic Laser to take knock outs. Back then the only issue was Keldeo EX using Rush In, but now with Hex Maniac, Silent Lab, and many other cards, it’s pretty much useless.


Except power creep

(Because I need 20)


Back then the only problem was double Keldeo, nowadays the only problem is hex. The Keldeo back then still couldn’t retreat, so it wasn’t impossible to kill the Keldeo with lasers while they secret sword you.


Poison would do thirty damage then they would Rush-In/Rush-In and then you were back where you started.


I understand that, but if they only had one Keldeo you could deal with it.


Quad Snorlax was an interesting deck in 2013, but a hard autoloss to gothitelle/accelgor and a bad matchup against Blastoise and Darkrai with 2 Keldeo really dragged it down.