Can I get Foil-only cards without buying real packs in PTCGO?


The description for the 5-card packs states that you can’t get foil cards from them. Does this mean you can’t obtain foil-only cards like Mega Pokèmon from them? Curious to see if I can play PTCGO without spending any more money, or if they really don’t want free players to succeed.


The 5-packs on PTCGO are guaranteed to give 3 commons and 1 uncommon, the last card is anything from an uncommon to a secret rare. So yes, you can play for free, you are just going to be grinding a lot of packs since you’re not even guaranteed a rare. I once got an Yveltal-EX from an XY 5-pack. Hope I helped! :smiley:


It is possible to get EX’s from 5-card packs. Just very rare.


Once I got 3 commons and two uncommons from a 5-card pack. Another time, I got a Full Art Primal Kyogre-EX PRC from one. It’s very unpredictable, and I don’t think it’s the most reliable way to obtain foil cards.