"Calm before the (Celestial) Storm" – A Brief NAIC Report and Lists Ft. Scizor, Yveltal, Rayquaza, and Xerneas

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What is the rainbow energy for in the xerneas list?

The rainbow energy allows you to attack with Electrode-GX! The normal attack is okay, but the GX attack is a very powerful game ender. You can also use Tapu Lele’s GX attack in a pinch!

Hey Travis, how does Yveltal match up with Buzzroc?

That matchup was always close, but favorable. It is obviously worse if they know exactly what they’re doing against you (which we counted on them not knowing at NAIC), but I think you still win more often than not. Their best strategy is to go very aggressive with Lycanrocs which is why Aaron Tarbell chose to play Enhanced Hammer to slow them down should they go with that strategy. Avoiding the 4 Prize turn or being prepared to get out of it as soon as you go into it, targeting down Rockruffs, and/or getting in early hits on a Lycanroc that can be problematic are very key in this matchup.