BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


breathes a sigh of relief


TcgOne has recently added a send challenge feature, which should make this tournament run much more smoothly.
Just go up to the green icon in the top left, click on it, right click a username and select send challenge


Is it alright if I post my list on this thread?
If so, I will post it shortly.


No don’t post it. PM it to me. The lists stay private until the tournament is over.


I PM’d a list to you but also PM’d some alterations to it. Is it alright if you accept my list alterations for use in the tournament?


He takes the most current list you send him when the tournament starts.


Hex Maniac says hi.

Items are safe and sound.

And im pretty sure shiftry WONT be banned for regionals, because there is a counter.


That was seven days ago. My mind has changed since.


K, I was catching up on the thread didn’t see the dates lol. But yeah, its all good.


As I received no reply, sablyeman2002, did you receive my list?


Now that AOR is on there I will get in on this if possible.


Too late man, sorry. But AOR I out there? That’s great!


Yeah I been crushing it all day. I actually have some work to do now so I have to stop but ill be back on later, epically if PTCGO doesn’t get their crap together and rotate and ban. They are still running the same old crap.


They’ll ban it soon. The trump card ban was quick.


Yeah im just surprised they haven’t rotated yet. Its not like they didn’t know it was coming.


When are lists due? 202020202020


Lists are due September 10th. And to everyone who has sent me their lists, I have gotten them, I just have been to busy to reply to every one.


@sableyeman2002 So you have not as of yet figured out a starting date for the tournament?


No, I’ll do that when I have all the lists. Due date for lists is September 10th. The day School starts for me. :frowning:


Oh man that’s rough :joy: :sob: Mine started today. I will make sure to send you my list by the tenth.