BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


Just as something to point out: Youtube does not let me upload videos more than 15 minutes long. Not putting a timer on your guys’ matches or anything, but if you think your match is nearing 15 minutes and you are not done, please make a cut and start up a new recording, then send them both into me and @sableyeman2002. Thanks :slight_smile:


To be able to upload longer videos you have to do something like give YT your phone number so they verify your not a robot :wink:


I don’t have a phone. I’m also not a Robot. Although, that’s exactly what a robot would say. But because I said that, I am therefore not a robot.


wait what?
you don’t have a cell phone or you don’t have a landline?
cell phone is understandable, but a landline??? who doesn’t have a landline?


I don’t have a Cell phone, silly! But I’ve checked and landlines can’t text, so…


I don’t have a cell phone either but I used my parent’s.


…I don’t have a landline :frowning:


Do you live on a boat?


No, we just don’t see the need for a landline


What if it is like a bad storm and the cell phones stop working because the servers are overloaded?
This has happened where i live before, not sure where you live but my winters in canada get pretty bad sometimes


Not in vancouver. Just rain. lots and lots and LOTS of rain.


Cause obviously a severe storm will destroy all cell phone service providers nationwide but leave the landlines intact…


I know what you mean, I live on Vancover Island and it rains a lot!


Depends. My area has underground landlines.


OK guys, worlds is over (congrats to all the winners), AOR is out, so I’m going to need decklists from all you guys and we can get under way. The deadline for decklists is September 10. I know school might be starting for a lot of you then, but we’ll try our best.


Will Shiftry NXD be banned from this tournament?


Stole the words right out of my mouth, @Tototavros!

I’m not running quad Wobbufett in this tournament because of Shiftry. It’s stupid.


Is AOR on TCG One yet? I can give you a list once I’ve tested.


No, it isn’t but it should be soon.

@sableyeman2002 Any answer on Shiftry?


Shiftry is going to banned for this tournament, just to keep it fun and since Shiftry probably. will be banned. Sorry for taking so long to respond, I’ve been up at my cottage and have been pretty busy.