BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


On a side note, I just realized my TCGone name is The__Chosen__One, not TheDewottClan, figured I should clear that up before the actual tournament to avoid any confusion.


Ooh, BW-AOS?

This tournament just got 100% more Mewtwo.


I’m a British player, so I won’t be playing expanded. So why should I have to be testing Expanded?


I won’t play BW-AOS. If the tournament is BW-AOS, I’ll drop out.


You don’t HAVE to do anything. Same as other people don’t HAVE to change their tournaments just to suit you.


If @RisingRaichu decides to drop, I’ll gladly take his place here.


Will there be any chance that people not entered in the tournament could watch?


TcgOne does have a spectate feature, however the people playing can choose to block spectators.


For what it’s worth, I’m wondering if you guys are OK with me recording my matches.


I’m always ok with it!

How do you block spectators?


Click on the button with the blue wrench, and then on “Disable & Expel”:


Of course. I do hope that @RisingRaichu doesn’t drop out, because as @baby_mario said, he might be playing Expanded too. But if he does, you can play instead. Also, I’m just wondering if @Dweinhardt is still playing, because you said you were going to drop if IDing wasn’t allowed, and I wonder if my ruling satisfied you.


Pretty sure he’s out as long as the tournament is BW-AOR.



Thinks of something

I have an idea, provided everyone else is good with it. What if everyone recorded their matches and sent them to me, and I could do commentary for them and put them on my channel so anyone can view them?


I’ve decided not to drop out after all.


They would have to send them to you after the tournament is over, but I’d okay with that.


I’m not opposed to this, although I do not have the software for this as I will be playing on a chromebook.


I don’t have any opposition to that, but I can’t record videos so unless my opponent can do it, you wont be getting any from me.


I people are willing to send them to @thegrovylekid, would anyone object to sending them to me to so I can post them as well?


I certainly wouldn’t.