BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


Thats what I mean to say. You can ID if you think it’s the honorable choice. Personally I don’t, but thats up to you.


Bumpity Bump! We need one more player!


Hey guys, I have added Ancient Origins to the LackeyCCG database if you want to use it for this tournament. There are currently no images for this set (see below) but when you hover over a card it shows the English text in the upper left hand preview. You can also press ~ or \ to see the text when hovering over a card on the play mat. (I still need to add full English text for Goodra, Giratina-EX and Mega Ampharos-EX.)

I know that the play mat is a blank gray colour so you can use this if you want (made for 1080p and might look weird stretched):

Here is a temporary zip file of the set’s images in Japanese; just so you have some pictures (put LackeyCCG\plugins\pokemon\sets\setimages and remember to delete them when the set is officially released so it downloads the new ones)

Alternatively, I could make some temporary English versions of the most wanted cards (limited time though) as seen in the example below. Cheers.

Ancient Origins [ENG] // Bandit Ring XY7 [JPN]

You are a lifesaver.


So if people would like to get this started sooner, we could play on Lackey, thanks to @snoops :smiley: If not, we’ll just have to wait until it comes out on TCGOne.


Ill look into lackeyccg after i get back from my cottage


I can not play on Lackey. Sorry. I’m going to stick to tcgone. I can wait.


Given the fact that ties are impossible on TcgOne, I believe that ID’s should also be banned


Or you could ID without playing the match. (Before the match)


Okay. Since we already have 15 people on TCGOne, we will keep it as that. Come on guys, ONE MORE PLAYER!


I will play in the tournament if you need one more person.


Cool so with Russianraichu, that’s a full roster, when will the tournament be exactly, if known?


As soon as tcgone gets ANO.


OK, so yesterday I got food poisoning, so I was sleeping for like the whole day. @jirachi123 is right, the tournament will start whenever we get AOS on TCGOne. Since only two people have given me decklists, and even those weren’t final, and since all regionals next year are BW-On, the format will be BW-AOS.


Well, all fall regionals are. Cities, SPT’s, and spring and winter regionals are probably standard. However, kicking off the new season, all regionals are expanded for fall, which are the first major chances to get points. So, I agree with the new format for the tourney. In that case, though, I will have to take my list down.


Wait, the entire regionals?


Imma have a field day


That basically means that this whole rotation thing doesn’t mean anything, then! And that means decks like Mew/Night March can become popular. And players outside the US don’t even play expanded!
I would much prefer the format to be XY-AOR.
P.S. Do I need to send in a decklist in order to play? If I do, it’ll be on its way soon.


I agree with Risingraichu. The tournament should be XY-ON, to get into the new format, and also because I would like to try out some new decks I have been working on for XY-ON.


The tournament can be anything that the person hosting it wants it to be.

Other methods of testing XY-on are available.


Thank you @baby_mario, in all fairness to @Russianraichu, I have asked for suggestions many times. Though this time, it is up to me. The format is BW on because that is what the soonest, big events are next year.