BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


It is actually not my tourney and I am very sorry if I made you or anyone else think so. I shouldn’t have said that in that way. I will edit that now.


If it’s not your tourney, then is it really your place to tell people whether they can or can’t ID?


It is his place to give suggestions, as I’ve said said before, and I agree NO ID’s. You have to play out every game. Also @TheDewottClan is in.


Lol, just realized we only need one more player!


Banning ID’ing just removes a whole level of skill from the game. There are the players that go X-0, who deserve the choice to not play out their last rounds if they so wish, and then there are the X-1 players who have to actually think and work it out. “Do I need to play it out to make cut, or can I safely ID” I signed up to play in a realistic tournament, and without ID’s, that’s not the case. Players that go, say, 4-0 in a 6 round tournament and miss cut because they can’t just opt to tie their last round, which is completely fair, giving neither player any sort of advantage going into their final round, just seems like bad formatting. Wouldn’t you hate to have a great start to the day, only to be forced to play out games where you could both be guaranteed cut? Sorry, but unless we gain the option to ID, count me out.


only 4 people can make cut, by IDing into cut you kick someone else out of cut who might have tried to get in by winning their games.


Wait a second, arent all of the rounds elimination?
That is what i can gather from the original post.


That’s the case for most seniors in Cities. So you bubble cut–had you won another of your games you would’ve confirmed your place in cut. Those who bubble tend to have a record of X-1-1. I genuinely believe that anyone who’s taken a loss doesn’t deserve to be guaranteed cut, the math on whether it’s safe to ID, and whose gonna make it in is A thrill in itself. IDing isn’t detrimental to the game. If you make cut at X-1-1 or X-2, cool, good for you, but at records like that, you don’t deserve to have those spots guaranteed.


i bubbled out of five cities this year by ID’ing.


I’ve had my fair share of Bubbles too, but as long as time limits exist, And ties exist, the option to intentionally tie needs to exist. If you can give a player the win by scooping, you should be allowed to give them the tie by ID’ing them. It sucks that you bubbled that many times and I’m really sorry you did, but that’s just a part of Pokemon


The bubbles don’t matter anymore because I got my invite, but my dad realy doesn’t like us ID’ing for a number of reasons:

  1. He believes that it is only friends who ID with each other. If that was true, then all California players are my friends. (Although in truth, the people I ID’ed with were my friends.)

  2. He doesn’t like the idea that players can make it into cut by not playing and force players out who worked and played and won to try to get into cut.

  3. He really doesn’t like it because ID’ing screwed me out of cut at cities five times because I ID’ed, twice because some other people ID’ed.

Some of these reasons I think are silly, but some of them makes sense.


Sorry @ccloughley the updated format and list of participants is now in the title. In answer to the ID discussion, you have both made good arguments, but I need to see more than two people opinions about IDsto make a dissision. @ShealynMillay, @PT508, @Cobalt314, @thegrovylekid, @tototavros, @thegrovylekid, @TheMrPokeMan, @Gosick, @TheDewottClan, @jdog1995, @RisingRaichu, @GreninjaTheNinja, and @troller100 please post your opinions.


I don’t think i’ve ever ID’d once in a real tournament, so I’ll remain neutral if that’s alright with everyone.


Those are all definitely valid opinions, but if you’re bubbled out of cut by ID’s, it means you didn’t win. (In response to your 2nd point) At every cities I played in, besides Omaha, NE, where I played out all of my rounds, (because I was the only X-0 and got downpaired my last two rounds so my opponents didn’t ID. ) I went 3-0 to start the day and so I feel I earned the opportunity to ID my last 2 rounds. If you miss cut by ID’ing, unless your resistance was incredibly strong and someone was extremely lucky, that’s your own fault. Other people ID’ing knocking you out of cut is certainly unfortunate, but it just happens. It’s easy to say “I deserved cut and they screwed me out of it,” but you have to look at the whole board. Everyone deserves cut just as much as the next person (Besides that one guy who played Day 2 of regionals with a 63 card deck, and knew it the whole time, then went on to win the event :stuck_out_tongue: ) but when you’re in a situation where you’re X-1 or X-0-2, and you’re considering ID’ing, then that’s on you. If you ID your last round and miss cut, then, while your resistance is on your previous opponents, you were the one who made the decision to ID. At the end of the day, no one is more deserving of cut than the other. Not even a player at his last event of the season with 249 points playing a player who just started and, likewise, is at 0 points. Sorry this was drawn out so long, but these are just my thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to converse with me, and if I’m coming across as hostile, I sincerely apologize!


If people wish to ID, they can in the context of a match due to intentionally timing things correctly (each player draws, plays trainers, then passes every turn, for instance). That is to say, they can ID even when prohibited to ID, thus prohibitions on ID’ing aren’t very useful in this circumstance. So long as draws are allowed, intentional draws can happen.


As in thegrovylekid’s case, I’ll remain neutral on the topic of ID out of simple not having had to ID at a Pokémon TCG competition (or even being in one to start with).


Are you sure that I’m playing?
Vileplume’s going to be the most OP card in the tournament, that’s for sure.
And about IDs, I ID’d in Nationals not long ago.


For something as trivial as this tournament, how about everyone plays out all of their matches with no IDs.

Seriously guys, it is a shot in the dark for choosing a good deck. Might as well play it out.


Thanks you all for your opinions. Just to clarify, I didn’t really want to know if you guys had experienced an ID, just if you thought we should use them. I hope that @Dweinhardt will stay in this tournament after he hears my opinion and I hope this keeps everyone happy. As @tototavros said, if you guys really want to, you can ID, thoughI’d just like to say that this isn’t the most honourable thing to do. I agree with @ccloughley though. Just play out your games for the practice since this is so early in the season. It’s ultimately your choice, but I hope you choose not to.

EDIT: @RisingRaichu not sure what you mean by:

but if you’re wondering if you’re signed, up, worry no more. You are.


I believe we should IDs to make it as realistic as possible