BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


So September-October. Gotcha.


Ya, hopefully September. :wink:


Just a warning: TCG ONE didn’t get Phantom Forces for almost a month after the release.


There isn’t much I can do about that. Unless people want to use PlayTCG or Lackey, (which I know they don’t) we’re just going to have to wait.


I’m fine with waiting. Knowing me, I’ll probably take that much time just to find an actual partner for Vileplume.


Primal Clash got it 3 weeks after release and Roaring Skies had it a week after release.


In the new XY-On format, is KSS legal? If not, it’s basically game over for cards like Crushing Hammer.


It was game over anyways when they introduced Vileplume and Giant Plant Forest.

Game over for Pokemon Catcher too, lol.


It was game over for catcher when it needed the flip.


Is it too late to sign up? I’ll like to join the tournament. I can pm you the best times for me to play and deck when I get on my computer. Also, wouldn’t it be best to pm you this stuff closer to September? Our schedule can change in the upcoming weeks.

My only suggestion is to match the first round by time zones and schedules that match each other


I think that both players playing each other must PM each other and figure out a time to play. There should be a deadline as to when the round is over. Whoever has not finished I that time will get a tie.

That reminds me, we are doing Swiss rounds, right?


That’s Exactly what would happen.


I just wanted to say, beware. People on tcgone are looking for quickplay games and if you are not fast enough to join you assigned tourney game, someone else will. On Saturday, me and @thegrovylekid kept missing each others created games by just a second! So annoying!


Yeah, lots of times in the time it takes me to select a deck someone else joins.


Breaking News!:

Remember this? Well, me and @thegrovylekid figured out a way to have people on TCGone not join your game! In the lobby chat, say:
“I am creating a game. Please DO NOT JOIN UNLESS YOU ARE ________________________”.
You will need to know the name of the person you are playing with on TCGone, but it works! (I’m pretty sure.)
This method stopped people from joining the attempted three games that me and @thegrovylekid had. (They were attempted because he lagged out on all of them.)

Also, if you are looking for deck ideas, I would suggest looking at @eriknance’s latest article. Has some really good ideas even if you aren’t a UG member, like me! (I now see why some people are hypng Golurk!)


Yeah, my internet sucks. It DOES work, we finally got games without someone ninjaing the other person. [Well, almost got games.]


Sign me up if there’s still slots, don’t want to read through 75 replies, just reply/pm if I’m in thanks


Just want to point out that the rotation is indeed XY-on (well, KSS-on technically), so for OP planning on this format, good news for everyone!


While it is not my tournament, I have a suggestion that could help. No ID’ing. (Intentional draw.) ID’ing in an online tourney just doesn’t seem right and I am sure that besides having fun playing Pokemon, many players (myself included) are hoping to get a head start on next year. By ID’ing, you are allowing yourself to make the cut and possibly not playing a matchup that you need to see how well your deck does against.

This is just a suggestion. Wether (@sableyeman2002) you take this or not it is not my desicion. Just wanted to make that clear.


Although it is your tournament and your decision, I do think ID’ing adds another level of skill to the game, along with the potential risk of “at X-1-1, Can/Will I bubble?” Although like I said–Your tournament, your decision