BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


I did say all of this in earlier posts, but…
I will not be playing.
There isn’t an exact deadline yet, but I would say like a week after we get the full set of AOS, and then the tournament will start whenever AOS is on TCGOne.


My bad long-term memory again. Thanks.


Sadly I’m not going to Worlds. So I would like to sign up for this tournament!


Possible good decks for the tournament:
Vileplume AOR
M Manectric/Aegislash/Lugia EX AOR
Camerupt EX
Primal Groudon/Wobbuffet
Colourless Rayquaza (I’m British)
Any more ideas?


Seismitoad/Bats is a lot stronger than Seismitoad/Crawdaunt.

Also M Sceptile
M TTar
Some form of night March w/o mew maybe


Wobbufett. Definetly Wobbufett. Or some variant of it. Pyroar too.


Metal Decks
Kyogre, maybe?

Also, I would like in please, if signups are still open


Sign ups are still open. I need to update the topic post with the player that have recently signed up, but I’m in an airport on my iPod right now, so it will be updated soon. Also remember I’ll need you lists since we basically know all the cards in AOS.


Will you be playing in the tournament? If so, I don’t think you should ask for other people’s lists. Maybe everyone (yourself included) could post them publicly so that you don’t have an advantage over everyone else? Unless you aren’t playing, in which case it’s fine.

EDIT: I read earlier posts and saw you weren’t playing. My bad!


I’m in for the tournament


you can definitely sign me up


But ANO isnt in tcgone yet, so how would we be able to play/test our list?

Unless there is some other program that allows you to proxy cards.


Lackey CCG probably has it up, @thegrovylekid might know.


It actually doesn’t.


I’m open to proxy testing on LackeyCCG.


PlayTCG allows for proxies.


What about M Manectric Bats with Ninetales to trump Giant Plant Forest? Also, what about Hippos or a silly Vileplume rogue?


Like with Pyroar? That could be really annoying.

Also, M Manectric gets wrecked by Giratina ex.


So when will this actually happen???


As I have said in many a previous post, THE TOURNAMENT WILL START WHENEVER WE GET AOS ON TCGONE.