BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


Lol, me too.


I really want to play. I’m called PikaPower on TCGOne but it doesn’t really matter. If you need lists, I’ll be posting my list soon.


I’m not playing, but as a suggestion, I think you guys should include time limits so Wailord doesn’t annoy anyone too much.


Now that wailord’s on the radar, I doubt it’ll be much of a problem


As @tototavros suggested it will be a 4 round, best of 1 swiss, with a best of 3 top 4. For the swiss rounds, the time limit will be 30 minutes, plus three turns and the top cut will 50 minutes, plus three turns. If you guys think this is bad, please tell me.


Hi. I would like to join in. It would be fun to play so yeah count me in :smile:


I’ll join. 2020202020


Are you allowed to participate if you’re going to Worlds but not actually playing in Worlds? If so, I’M IN!!!


Of course, you can play even if you’re playing in worlds. But I doubt they’d waste the testing time on a different format.


I can play if I’m playing in worlds? I’m in. And what do you you mean about a different format? (My long term memory suks.)


My Short Term Memory sucks. We should combine our memories.

Also, this tournament is XY-on.


Okay, depending on when we play, like if when ancient origins is added to the site, I may not be in. Not sure if I want to play in an XY-ROS format. Although I may just play magma the whole time!:blush:


Okay, so since this tournament is XY on i thought most people going to worlds would want to be testing BCR on, but that doesn’t prevent you from playing. And the format will be XY-AOS, the tournament will start whenever we get AOS on TCGOne.


Thank you for clarifying. I’m definitely in now.


TCGOne will not have Ancient Origins until at least September.


I’m in. (saying that I did not make T64 for my invite)


The reason I made my suggestion is that my brother has an invite but I don’t. Anyway, do you need decklists for the tournament? When is the tournament going to be?


You shouldn’t need decklists, the tournament is online.

Also, the tournament should start sometime when Ancient Origins is released on TCGone.


You don’t need deck lists, but you need to PM me your deck choice. And yes, the tournament will start whenever we get AOS on TCGOne.


I assume this means you will not be participating in the tournament.
When is the deadline for giving you our lists?