BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


Mine starts on the 8th


Please. Mine started August 19th.


Did you receive my list?


I am posting on RisingRaichu’s behalf. We are the same family, only on different consoles.


Hah! School on September 10th, I started August 12th


Is this dead? I was all excited…


@sableyeman2002 hasn’t been on…

two, thousand two… where r u?..

sung to the tune of Scooby-doo theme song


Sorry guys. School started up for me on thursday, and the lacrosse season has started too, so I’ve been pretty busy. I dont know about all the other people, I’ll try to PM them and get them to give me their lists so we can get the pairing ups. But @thegrovylekid, I really hope that the tournament isn’t dead, it’s just that a lot of people haven’t responded.


To see if the tournament is dead or not. Who is still going to participate?
@ccloughley, @thegrovylekid , @PT508, @Gosick, @GreninjaTheNinja, @RisingRaichu, @troller100, @jdog1995, @Dweinhardt, @TheMrPokeMan, @Cobalt314, @TheDewottClan, @Russianraichu, and @tototavros?

I’m in and I think there is one spot because @ShealynMillay got suspended…


I’ll definitely do it.


Thanks for doing that for me @jirachi123. I hadn’t though about @shealynmillay, the last spot is open to anyone who wants to play. I know @XtremeFate wanted to play.


I’m still in for the tournament


I’m still able to do it.


I’ll do it. I really need to do some real testing.


I’m dropping. Too much on my plate


I’m still in, although I’d like a date for the tournament so I know if I can play


I can’t really set a date until I have everyone’s lists. But lets say hopefully around the end of the month.


I’m still in, I’m just waiting to playtest my list a little more, as TCGOne keeps crashing and my normal partner is sick. However, I should be good by Friday.


im still in, just need a little while to get decklist from ptcgo


Actually, I thought about it, and why not? I’ll stay in.