BW-AOR Tournament Thread-Need Decklists!


This tournament will start whenever we get AOR on TCGOne. It will be the same format as 2015 to 2016 regionals. BW-ON There will be 16 players with 4 rounds of best of one Swiss and a top four best of three cut. The time limit for the best of one games will be 25 minutes and the time limit for best of three will be 50 minutes (both time limits have plus 3). IDing is allowed. When we have enough people have .signed up you guys can PM me and each other what dates and times would work to organize games. Then you both have to post the winner on this thread. Also, i’m open to any suggestions on how to do this, since this is the first online tournament I’m organizing. Good luck, and may the best player win

We nave a full roster with @ShealynMillay, @ccloughley, @thegrovylekid, @PT508, @Gosick, @GreninjaTheNinja, @RisingRaichu, @troller100, @jirachi123, @jdog1995, @Dweinhardt @TheMrPokeMan, @Cobalt314, @TheDewottClan, @Russianraichu and @tototavros.


I’m going to worlds, so I’m not doing this, but a suggestion of a site is TCGOne. You can build decks without having to collect the cards using codes. Only issue is that it sometimes lags out and you have to create a room, so other players might join before the person you want to play can. Happened with me and @thegrovylekid a lot in my testing.


I know TCGOne is a better site but I agree about the lag and thats why I don’t like it. But If more people want to do TCGOne, I’m fine with changing it.


Also if more people than I thought are going to Worlds I’m fine with changing this to BCR on.


Im not going to worlds, would participate if it was tcgone


Ok, so now It’s TCGOne. If anyone else wants to participate and has a preference about the program please tell me.


Me and my 55 CP are in.



I wanna play, but I’m going to worlds


Also, please PM me your deck choices so I when I post the results I can put up the decks to. BTW, I’m not just trying to find out which decks are good, I honestly want to post the winner with his deck. And in case your wondering, I’m not playing :wink:


I would play, but only if it were XY-ANO, which would require PlayTCG and a list of proxies…there’s no real point in prepping for a 1-month long format


We don’t know the full set of ANO now anyway, but by the time we get enough players we might. Honestly if anyone actually wants to play PlayTCG, I doubt they’d want to use proxies. I hope ANO will be uploaded to any site by the time we start. And BTW, I said XY on, not XY-ROS; so if ANO cards are uploaded in time, they can be played.


I’m in, Last time there was a tourney like this there was lots of confusion about different time zone though.

  1. The full set of Bandit Ring is out, and based on scans, people on pokebeach worked out the set list. Plus, when was the last time pokemon messed with us like that, Boundaries Crossed?

  2. The last time tcgone updated their scans, it was ~2 weeks after the set came out.


Well, if you want to play you have to use TCGOne, considering that you’re the only person who has complained about it.


Would anyone else be up for playing if it was made BCR on for those going to worlds?


Until further notice, the format is XY-on, considering that the tournament will probably start after Worlds.


I’m in, however if I may suggest something, just decide how you’re going to run it and stick with. Don’t leave us with the possibility of a change in format or else some may drop, if it were to happen. Being too flexible is a mistake I make too often ( :sweat:) and it can really be a ruin-er by trying to please everyone.


Would it be better to do something like a 4 round bo1 swiss, cut to bo3 top4?


I see your point, and it is now XY-on, no exceptions. The reason I changed it is because of the amount of people saying they would only play if it was this program, or that program, or this format, or that format. Now we have enough players who like the format and program so their will be NO MORE CHANGES!


In I guess. Hope this gets more players tho.