Bursting Balloon & Shaymin Ruling Question

Say I have a Trevenant BREAK active, with 20 health left.
Lets also say my opponent has a Shaymin as their active, with 60 health left.

If I attach a bursting balloon to Trevenant and pass (for whatever reason), what happens if my opponent uses sky return?

My Trevenant is KO’ed either way, so that’s not the question.

Does Shaymin get returned to his/her hand? And I take 0 prizes?
Does Shaymin get KO’ed from the damage from bursting balloon? And then I take 2 prizes?
Basically: Which triggers first, the tool on my pokemon or the effect of the attack of their pokemon?

This came up in TCGONE just now.
It went with the 2nd ruling I suggested. I took 2 prizes, from the self inflicted KO, and he/she took 1 from KO’ing TrevBREAK.

I’m not sure if that is correct though…
In a real life match where there isn’t the chance for a computer/coding mistake, what would happen?


Watch the Florida Regionals stream if you want… Confirmed, Bursting Balloon does NOT kill Shaymin.


Well, I guess that Tcgone is wrong then…
It’s good to know for the future though.

Correct. The effect of the attack is resolved before a ko Check.