Bunnyrich123's 2016-17 season seniors


So you cut to a top 32… but then stopped playing Swiss?

I don’t think you understand how this works


My confusion is driving me crazy.


Sorry for confusion their was two days of Swiss although the overall feel for day two was more intense the feeling for day 2 was just tense[quote=“jirachi123, post:64, topic:10436, full:true”]
So you cut to a top 32… but then stopped playing Swiss?

I don’t think you understand how this works


Weird, I have never known any senior tournament to have a second day of Swiss. Are all the internationals going to be like that?


Definetly NA (which also happens to be the only one left). It’ll be bigger than US nationals which had a day two swiss


Sorry, completely forgot about nationals having day 2 Swiss, been so used to 1 day only.


Im I confused. My friend who went to Brazil said that there wasn’t a top 32 Swiss cut. What exactly are you trying to tell us?


im giving a summary of how the tourney went.


Then please give the summary. If you do a brief play-by-play of your tournament, then it should be clear.


once i find my day 2 results i will post. My parents recently organized(put things where they want and i don’t know) all my results. Since Brazil i have had a stomach bug so i will try to post soon.


I’m confused because supposedly, seniors didn’t have a day two.


Seniors did not have a day two, as confirmed by the Top 4 NA Seniors. Top 32 was not the Top Cut, it was a Top 8, and there were 7 Swiss rounds, not 6. @Bunnyrich123 are you sure you went to Brazil?



Additionally, there were about 100 players in the seniors division.

On a side note, did you forget your password or something Kiernan?


I did indeed. Joe was gracious enough to let me use his account until I either remember my password or make a new one :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m surprised a “power deck” was 3-2. I guess you could have been downpaired, but it would be odd for a noob to be able to win a game against anyone else who won a game.


As it happens, I know that nobody with your name played in Brazil. This is 100% fabrication.

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