Bunnyrich123's 2016-17 season seniors


I play Parallel City over Sky Field in Volc because it’s good in matchups like Decidueye and Vespi, and it allows you to burn off your Shaymin and Hoopa so they can’t Lysandre you.


but then it limits your bench, and you need a big one in volc. you play a lot of switching options so it’s not that bad, especially beacause you play 2-3 float stone.


benched flareon or 2 3- 4 benched vulcanion ex and other so limiting your bench is not good. True its good vs decidueye but you lose stuff ou need. And you do not want to paralell the vespiqueen they lose some bench helping them.


If you time a parallel well, you can really hurt m ray, which is a bad matchup. The decreased damage is irrelevant compared to what it does to m ray. Otherwise, I think scorched Earth is better than sky field at this point so you can have some form of draw under item lock. I think a 2-1 scorched earth-parallel city split is most optimal.


You don’t actually need a that big bench in Volc. T1 you have a Baby Volcanion active, get a Volcanion EX on your bench, Hoopa for 2 Volc and a Shaymin, then Parallel your Hoopa and Shaymin away. You don’t need any more.


That is a dream start, and like all decks, they get their dream start about 15% of the time. You need to get as many volcanion out as fast as possible, most likely 2 baby volcanions, and then setup Pokémon, meaning six spaces really cuts it tight, which is why sky field is wanted. If you can get a deck that runs well without sky field though, run that.


Sky field is managing bench space, parallel is managing matchups, and scorched earth manages consistent draw.


And I thought volcanion’s dream start involved all 4 volcanion-EX using steam up with an active volcanion-EX instantly powered up by max elixirs OHKOing a wailord-EX. Well, I guess I must have been wrong.


Really the dream set up is that but with baby volc attacking, as it helps you more in the long term, but that might just be me.


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Brazil was an awesome experience. I faced a lot of good decks. I will post my results later. My mom is from Brazil so we experienced lots of cool traditions, activities, and places. When we arrived I spent a few days exploring the area. The day before was all testing. I went in a group of ten, “THE ST. GEORGE UTAH COMPETITIVE POKEMON TEAM”. I played Vespiqueen at the event. I am extremely hyped that I was able to make top cut at the tournament. It was definitely a good experience. I will post more later.


Congrats on your international top cut! What made your Vespiquen list different from other lists?


You made top 8? Good job! I respect you as another Vespi-lover. Did you play Zoroark or Zebras?


Flareon EX is really bad. Don’t play it.


i played raichu bees.


I am definetly interestes in a tournament report of this (even one with no detail, just decks and players will do)


i will post results in segments k. Part 1.
round 1 vs M Ray WW easy match as he couldnt set up both games raichu took the sweep.

round 2 vs decidueye/plume/umbreon gx WLW I am suprised i won as decidueye hurts me. 2 of his decidueyes were prized and a vileplume 1st round was easy. Second round 1 went first and was able to get a vespiqueen set up and 9 pokemon in discard at end of my turn. He is able to vileplume and two decidueye winning. Second turn he was too slow which is unnusual for decidueye and i win.

round 3 vs mirror match W/W
first match i set up faster second i do again.

round 4 L/L vs vulcanion
he gets baby and two ex first turn winning
second match same thing.

round 5 vs Decidueye/Plume
died fast first match second match he could not do well enough for the power of my bees and choked. Third match my combees could not do well enough.

Final round day 1 vs weird power deck W/W
i do not know what this was doing in an international tourney but i beat up the nooby easy.

Day 1 i was in top cut for day 2 i did not do as well but i will summarize that another time


Wait did you make top 8 or was there an extra day is Swiss rounds…?


[quote=“jirachi123, post:61, topic:10436”]
Wait did you make top 8 or was there an extra day is Swiss rounds…
Top cut is top 32 so yes i did make top cut and it was only one day of swiss.


If you only played 6 rounds, there shouldn’t have been a top 32