Bunnelby PRC 121 Variants // BLW-on 2016

I know that James Pickeral (lanstester top 8)used a simaler list to this but my creation of bunnelby slurpuff plays 3 eco arm so you are able to shuffle your life dews back into your deck after they are used, and get them into your hand with slurpuff. It is expanded to let everyone know.

4 bunnelby pcr 121
2 shaymin EX ros
3 swirlix phf
3 slurpuff phf

2 Professor sycamore
1 N
1 lysandre
1 skyla
1 hex maniac
4 team flare grunts
1 xerosic
2 teamates

4 crushing hammer
3 eco arm
2 enhanced hammer
1 robo subsitute team flare gear
1 sacred ash
4 trainers mail
4 vs seeker
2 float stone
1 life dew ACE SPEC
3 head ringer team flare hyper gear

2 silent lab
1 team aqua’s secret base

7 fairy energy

Why are you running a whopping 3 draw supporters

first of all I have 4 vs seekers, the I have 2 shaymins which totals 9 and also you get the consistent tastin from slurpuff to let you draw into more cards

I would definitely add some Ultra Ball. Also, you don’t need Eco Arm because you can just Rototiller your Life Dew back in the deck.

When I talked with James in Lancaster, he said that reserved ticket will be good in this next format. I agree, it lets you stream life dew much better.

on your first turn you have 5 draw support. You cant setup slurpuff or use vs seeker wihtoout having a supporterI make it a habit of having 15 or more outs to t1 supporter and I still dead daw

15 outs to a supporter t1 is an interesting way of thinking, and definitely was correct, but in the days of half-outs, like Shaymin-EX and Trainers’ Mail, it is very difficult to come to a cut-and-dry amount. The Sableye/Garb that Top 8’d Vancouver Regionals played 4 Juniper/2 N as his only draw supporters.

That was me but I played 2 shaymin 1 jirachi 1 Ghetsis 3 Trainer’s mail 3 Ultra ball. I still dread drew 1 game out of every 3

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That lets your opponent get a turn without having to go through life dew, where as if your Pokemon gets knocked out who has life dew on it, then you can Eco arm it and search it out w/ slurpuff+Teamates then seeker and get a consistent every turn life dew.

If your opponent is able to attack, you have probably already lost. The goal of the deck is to energy deny and mill, not deny prizes. If you are getting to a point where you need life dew every turn, it is not a good situation.