Bunnelby/Houndoom/Durant Mill (Need help)


So, I’ve been trying to build a mill deck, and I’ve had very little success. Not sure exactly what’s wrong with the deck, so if I could borrow some of your knowledge, that would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

4- Durant (Scrape down)
3- Bunnelby
2- Houndoom ex

4- Crushing hammers
2- Enhanced hammers
1- Field blower
4- VS seeker
2- Red card
4- Puzzle of time
2- Team aqua secret base
1- Parallel city
3- N
2- Team rocket’s handiwork
3- Delinquent
4- Team flare grunt
2- Lysandre
2- Bridgette
2- Team skull grunt
2- exp share

7- Fire energy
4- Rainbow energy

Basically, the deck just feels slow. Not the “mill” kinda slow. I mean, just not getting the right cards at the right time kinda slow. Maybe more item cards vs the supporters? Idk… and that’s why I’m here, to ask you all for your advice! Thank you in advance for any advice :smiley:


Scrape down requires 1 grass and 1 colorless energy. You would be better off running rainbow energy.


I can only run 4 rainbow, which I do. So rainbow for the grass and fire for the colorless.


You run too many Pokémon and energies. I’d recommend taking out either all Durants and rainbows or taking out all houndooms and most bunnelbies, and lower basic energy count to 4 and replace with grass energies.


I need rainbow for Durant. Is Durant bunnelby strong enough by themselves, due to low hp?


Your deck is a glass-cannon deck, with a good use as long as you can stream pokemon every turn, like night march. You have Bridget, so I think you should take those cards out, as well as add a few rescue stretchers and maybe max elixir.


Max elixer would fail very often due to low energy counts.


although it does get the energies out much quicker. So you can attack.


It can’t get them out quicker if you can’t get them.


I can’t think of anything else to get energy out quicker. Maybe energy switch/ patch combo? It is bad I know, but what else?


If you’re playing a mill deck, don’t play elixirs. All you do is sit there, taking cards out of your deck, even though you only need 1 energy per attack. On the rainbow energy/Durant note, just play 4-2 houndoom bunnelby for consistency purposes. Having too many attackers can prove useless, and scrape down is underwhelming considering you need two energy and one has to be a rainbow to fuel scrape down. Personally? Just play straight Houndoom/Bunnies


It’s a small point, but I think Pokemon Fan Club would be better than Brigette in this kind of deck, since that would allow you to get Houndoom out. I agree with an earlier comment that Rescue Stretchers would be a good inclusion, as well as Float Stone to give you better mobility under Team Aqua’s Secret Base.