Budget Deck types


okay, here goes!
palkia is probably best as a 0-1-of: (it isn’t so important that you lose when its prized that 10% of the time) any problem starting with it solved by float stoning to it (which u wanna do anyway for the kick start max elixir). If you are going to use dce, then using palkia setup is a little pointless as elixirs will keep enough running through to attack over and over till at least your 3rd attacker if your opponent is streaming ko’s, (in which case the deck isn’t working).
a 3rd trubbish is an idea to play around with so you can drop 2 at once more easily (preventing your opponent taking out garb before it sets up)
Jolteon seems to be here just for a non-existent threat??? (no energy) It’s probably not worth the energy split over other cards, baring in mind you already need 2 specific energy (W+DCE) to attack for the most part.
Manaphy feels like a target that doesn’t work with the deck as much as float stone(I do recognise fright night yveltal as a threat to not using manaphy but escape rope exists and its not like your putting shays down)
dive ball probably doesn’t deserve 3 copies: just because you arn’t using shaymin doesn’t mean ultra ball isn’t good. e.g. dump lysandre or delinquent or glaceonEX (matchup where you don’t need 3 of them) when you can only N to get a new hand. e.g.2. sycamore,vs seek, ultra ball, flare grunt, is your hand: you’re going to use sycamore and discard everything anyway, but ultra ball can search whatever you like rather than just a water type. In short, ultra ball was good before shay came out.
Stadium choices here are difficult, but I’d say raikou/electrode is the hardest relevant matchup for this deck but I havn’t tested extensively so I can’t say whether rough seas counts or not for a large amount in other matchups.
Having mentioned raikou/electrode, this is the matchup that convinced me how good hammers are in this deck. (try out hammers to combo with flare grunt)
+1 trainers’ mail and +1 N is probably a good plan for shaymin substitutes.
super rod isn’t neccessarily a neccessity.
splash energy is kind of wierd for a deck playing 4 max elixirs and super rod. If you really need 6 regice something is being done wrong: if its for decks like raikou/electrode type decks, hammers tend to work. Any future decks like the passimian deck; parallel city can be effective aswell as a 3rd fury belt in the matchup.
Phew, that’s long (over 400 words…), keep playing around with it!


Well like i was saying its not fully done yet, still playing around with the pokemon counts and trainer cards, lol. As this list was semi written in a hurry (as i was at work at the time), there was supposed to be two lightning energy in there instead of the splash energy, but i do agree with you on that regard.
Palkia’s mostly for energy acceleration (to compliment the max elixers), but i can see going down to 1 instead, as in my testing it got kinda clunky.
Thanks for the suggestions ill play around with it and see where it goes. If you dont mind, do you have a finished list of your M Blastoise Deck? A friend of mine was running that line along with glaceon and regice (but 2 and 3 respectively) as support and if its done id like to give it to him as a skeleton to build off of. :slight_smile:


yeah… I kind of start writing and that just kind of happens… :sweat_smile:
can add, in similar fashion, that Mblastoise is probably best abusing Escape Rope and 2 copies of Absol (if you don’t maximise the power of the snipe damage then there’s no point playing Blastoise over other megas (except for that water typing for volcanion :heart_eyes:))
A one of silent lab is also a neat idea for trouncing fright night yveltal (when Escape Rope doesn’t work due to the existance of a second, benched yveltal); but rough seas is of course still the main stadium.


Escape rope is an item, not a tool, so it will work, unless you are trying to get spirit links to work.


Yes, I am talking about using Escape Rope to force the active onto the bench:
e.g. KO 2 xerneas break in 2 turns (or slightly more ridiculous ko’s abusing double absol)
e.g. removing fright night yveltal from the active so spirit links work


Here is my mega blastoise deck list

10 Pokemon

1 Shaymin-EX ROS
1 Manaphy-EX BKP
4 Blastoise-EX EVO
3 Mega Blastoise-EX EVO
1 Hoopa-EX AOR

40 Trainers

4 Sycamore STS
1 Pokemon Ranger STS
2 Pokemon Center Lady FLF
2 Lysandre FLF
1 Hex Maniac AOR
2 Escape Rope PRC
1 Super Rod NVI
4 Ultra Ball PLB
3 Max Elixir BKP
4 VS Seeker ROS
2 Super Potion EVO
4 Blastoise Spirit Link EVO
3 Mega Turbo ROS
3 Rough Seas PRC

10 Energy

10 Water Energy