Budget Deck types

Does anybody know of any budget decks that won’t rotate out for a while

Greninja is somewhat a budget friendly deck, other than maybe talonflame (or octillery) and greninja break.

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Due to the necessity of Shaymin, VS Seeker, and often a number of other EX cards and rare trainers for many decks to function, “budget” decks do not really exist in right now. That said, Greninja is the cheapest viable deck in the current format, with Greninja BREAK being the most expensive card. While VS Seeker and Level Ball look like they will rotate next season, the rest of the deck will be viable for at least one more year.

The advantageous part of investing in expensive trainer cards however is that they are often relevant for a number of years, and while the initial cost can be rough, you won’t need to buy an entire new 60 cards when you want to look into another deck.

Is there any decks around glaceon?

If you’re talk talking about the ex, there if vileplume toolbox and glaceon/regice garbodor. But I don’t think those are official particularly budget.

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The glaceon didn’t need to be budget

Im testing glaceon/regice/garbodor right now and so far its been pretty consistant. As for budget, im not sure the exact price for your area but in my area glaceons are running for 9/piece; Also, max elixers are somewhat expensive too. To be honest it realky depends on how much you’re willing to spend on the deck.

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My first deck was a budget Typholosion deck. This list is only 58 cards. You can fill in the other 2 with more draw support or possibly Scorched Earth (which I find to be unnecessary). It isn’t exactly for tournament play or anything, but I have had great success with it in informal friendly play. The Talonflames are pricey so you could swap those for additional draw support as well to make it less expensive. I should note that I think I added a couple of Lysandre to the mix as well, its really helpful to pull forward a benched pk they are powering up and wipe them out with one hit off typhlosion.

3 Talonflame STS 96
3 Chimchar STS 18
1 Monferno STS 19
3 Infernape STS 20
3 Cyndaquil BKT 18
1 Quilava BKT 19
3 Typhlosion BKT 20
3 Super Rod
3 Professor Sycamore
3 Ultra Ball
4 Level Ball
2 N
2 Float Stone
4 Rare Candy
20 Fire Energy

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If you are going to play a deck based around tylpholion, you have no reason to play chimchar. Your Pokemon line should be -3 chimchar, +1 talonflame. Ultra balls are unnesusary when you have talonflame as your purpose for getting typhlosion out. -3 ultra balls. -1 sycamore and 2 n, its unnesusary. Talonflame should be what’s providing consistency. What Pokemon will need to retreat? -2 float stone (talonflame has free retreat, and typhlosion should be active). -3 super rod, +2 energy recycler, as energies are what you are getting back, not as much Pokemon. + 13 (because of your two extra slots.)fire energy to increase damage.

I hope you realize he has infernape and inferno as well.

Oh didn’t see that. Take them out for energy.

I had an earlier version with just typhlosion and almost 30 energy. I found myself decking out

With Infernape I am able to start with typhlosion and late game use float stone to switch to infernape. Typically that ends the game. I could easily follow that by putting typhlosion back up and now the deck is almost 100% energy.

Also, I get your point about the ultra balls, but you don’t always get talonflame. If I killed the infernape line it would increase the chance of talonflame. But without ultra balls its a hard road if I don’t land a talonflame on first draw.

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You’re telling him to take our staple consistency cards because talonflame should be enough. BUT WHAT IF HE DOESNT OPEN TALONFLAME. You’re making his deck worse.

Keep the sycamores and Ns and Ultra balls. They’re in every single deck in the game for a reason. You won’t start talonflame every game, and you need all the consistency you can get.

I’d hate to see what his Greninja list is

That makes sense. I guess that didn’t seem as likely because with only three basics it is unlikely to start not talonflame.

There is a big difference in the speed of the setup when you don’t get a talonflame out. But taking out ultraballs/n/sycamore would cripple this deck.

What other budget decks have you guys tried out?

Okay so update: the deck was pretty is pretty consistent through testing and with the Glaceon blocking evolutions, Regice blocking EX’s and Garbodor blocking abilities, it is a good idea for a deck. I would recommend putting a jolteon (or two) in to help with basics. HOWEVER, you can and will run into problems with mirror matches, decks that have Jolteon, carbink or garbodor, hex maniac and pokemon ranger; For mirror matches, and decks that run Jolteon (which you might also want to look into if you decide to run this type of deck), it comes down to whomever can get their lock down first. Pokemon Ranger, on the other hand, theres no way to play around this so you’re pretty much screwed until it resolves. (But by then you may have already lost your lock). As a rogue deck though, after Yveltal took over London and im assuming San Jose (does anyone have any info or updates on what won SJ?) its not something i think people are likely to expect and will be un-prepared for it. If you want ill post the deck im going to use for locals and you can use that as skeleton to build it however you want.

Actually I have decided to go with mega blastoise considering I like how it attacks multiple pokemon at once, but feel free to post your deck list i would like to see what you run out of curiosity

Sure, lol. Keep in mind though that this is in no way finished. Just something im toying with atm. :slight_smile:

Super Friends

3 Glaceon
3 Regice
2 Palkia
2 Trubbish
2 Garbodor
1 Jolteon
13 Pokemon

4 professor sycamore
4 max elixers
4 vs seekers
3 Dive Ball
2 Rough Seas
2 Fighting Fury Belt
2 Float Stones
2 N
2 Lysandre
2 Trainer’s Mail
1 Silent Lab
1 Super Rod
1 Team Flare Grunt
1 Escape Rope
1 Delinquent
32 Trainers and Supporters

9 Water Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Splash Energy
15 Energy

Also toying with the idea of switching the stadium counts and dropping the Garbodor line (since you have silent lab anyway, seems kinda redundant to have that and Garodor) and replacing that with Manaphy EX ( helps with free retreat)