Bronzong PHF Variants // XY-on 2016


This is EVERYTHING I remember from reading about Zeels from that era, so it’s a lot of “I wonder if this might work” or “Who knows, this could be good, I haven’t tried it” sort of stuff, or just people coming in with their very first tournament reports, but I could’ve sworn I read an article today by Jay Hornung that suggested EX Thunderdome as a “Top 5 Play for States”


What does everyone think of Stardust Jirachi in here?


There were a lot of very competitive Lightning/acceleration based decks in the HS-BLW era. Off the top of my head . . .

Yanmato (Yanmega/Lanturn/Pachi/Shaymin - my personal favourite)

Then Eelektrik came along and provided a more stable acceleration for Magnezone and Zekrom stuff. Pachi/Shaymin still hung on for a while though.


Hey Guys, I won a Gamestop Tourney last Night and pulled this

So, here:

3 Mewtwo EX BTH
3 M Mewtwo EX Y BTH
3 Bronzong PHF
3 Bronzor PHF
1 Hoopa EX AOR
2 Shaymin EX ROS
1 Regice AOR
1 Smeargle BTH
1 Aegislash EX PHF

4 Professor Sycamore
2 Judge
1 Hex Maniac
1 AZ
2 Lysandre
1 Pokemon Fan Club

4 VS Seeker
2 Battle Compressor
3 Mewtwo Spirit Link
3 Float Stone
1 Switch
4 Ultra Ball
3 Trainer’s Mail

6 Metal Energy
1 Water Energy

I used this Mewtwo

The reason for the Smeargle/Regice tech here is because the M Mewtwo EX (X) Matchup is hard for this deck, especially missing lysandres is hard, i may want to just scrap that and go for a 2-2 line of Zoroark and 1 more metal

So, u could

-1 Regice AOR
-1 Smeargle BTH
-1 Switch
-1 Float Stone
-1 Water Energy

+2 Zorua
+2 Zoroark BTH
+1 Metal Energy


I don’t think you need to be worried about Mewtwo X. I also believe if you want to run a Bronzong ohko deck, Rayquaza is your best option. Nice list, but I like the card in more of a speed deck with Mega Turbos (kind of how like Yveltal runs with dark patch in Expanded).


You, sir, have created a monster. I will be really scared now for cities


You want a monster? Mega mewtwo/xerneas xy/aromatisse


Shhh, don’t give them ideas!

Other things I think could work well with this would be Mega Turbo and Magnezone BTH in Standard, and Shift Gear and Blastoise in expanded. I don’t know who thought that a 210 HP Mega Pokémon with this attack and such high versatility would be a good idea, but who am I to Judge? no Pun intended.


Why would Shift Gear be better than Fairy Transfer? Geomancy seems MUCH better than metal links in terms of sheer “getting large amounts of energy in play”


I’m not saying it’s better, I’m saying it’s an option. I do think Fairy Transfer is better in terms of other recipients, but Shift Gear also works pretty well with, say, Aegislash-EX.

Plus, this is the Bronzong thread. If we’re talking about M Mewtwo-EX here, we should probably keep as the main theme.


Not scared of the mewtwo. Mewtwo is bad, tho something else has me worried.


Awesome dude! Cool! Nice art!


Hahah, Mewtwo being bad. That statement amuses me.


Why is MMewtwo-EX not bad? Comparatively, it doesn’t have an absurdly high HP nor does it have absurd acceleration, unlike the two megas that do see play. It seems like Primal Kyogre or Mega Sceptile, great idea, hard to pull off consistently.


A card that can attack for a DCE, doing 70 damage without even factoring in your opponent’s energy count, or an energy more than that DCE is not hard to set up, and definitely meets quota damage wise.


The only EX I see you OHKOing in standard is Giratina, you need 6 energy split between the two of you to KO Yveltal, Lucario will almost always have Focus Sash, Toad you’ll do 130 against, Gengar-EX 130-160, MManectric-EX/Manectric-EX 130, etc.

You’ll consistently need to have 3-4 energy to get OHKO’s, at which point I’d almost rather run a Rayquaza variant, because then at least you get cool Delta Evolution stuff.


3-4 energy isn’t hard to attain in the slightest, because a common trend you may notice is that none of those Pokemon you mentioned can Ohko you.


There’s a difference in that all of those Pokemon do some sort of lock against you, be it KO denial, Item lock, other lock, retreat lock, etc., and you’ll also need to stream those MMewtwos if they ever do grab an OHKO (w/ some sort of alternate attacker for that specific purpose).

Are you planning on just building them manually?


Yeah, there’s a chance I’d play mega turbo, but probably not. I’ll edit this post with the list I’ve been testing.


Does Bronzong have any outstanding potential in the upcoming format? Tyrantrum OHKOes mosf stuff, the only exceptions pretty much being Sceptile, Groudon, and Wailord, and pretty much nothing OHKOes the latter two anyway (besides a Virizion tech or something).
Bronzong does get back Max Potion, but with Garbodor being reprinted and Hex Maniac being popular, is it even worth trying?