Bronzong PHF Variants // XY-on 2016


I sure do need to get my hands on shaymin and trainers mail, they’re pretty powerful stuff I’ve seen now. The battle compressor I can maybe live without prof letter ultra ball is still my jam to attach and discard


Trainers mail is a good card to have but it isn’t necessary in any Bronzong deck. Depending on the amount of draw supporters you have and the fact the in xy on, the draw supporters suck, you could play some.


I think that having no outstanding set up for supporters in general is cool, but annoying too. There is a ton of utility though still. Vs seeker and trainers mail, in particular for a deck like this, I think will be absolutely crucial to hit what you need most for that turn


Thats not entirely true. It helps in every deck obviously, but never really is crucial like something like Ultra Ball or VS Seeker is. But the lack of draw support in this format could warrant some item draw like Trainers Mail.


It feels crucial because I miss bikes lol


Hey guys, i got a 2nd place in a local tournament on the last weekend.

i used this list

2x Seismitoad-EX
1x Dialga-EX
1x Lugia-EX AOR
3x Aegislash-EX
3-3x Bronzong
1x Shaymin-EX
2x Registeel AOR

4x Sycamore
4x Shauna
1x Ace Trainer
1x AZ
1x Hex Maniac
2x Lysandre

2x Muscle Band
3x Steel Shelter
3x VS Seeker
3x Switch
2x Trainer’s Mail
2x Battle Compressor
4x Ultra Ball

8x Metal Energy
4x DCE

i made 3-2-0, i got the following match ups.

it was pretty easy, i just locked him earlier with dialga, while bumping up aegislash and bronzongs, got a win on this one.

it was a big surprise for me to deal with pyroar, my luck was that my opponent just run 3 fire energies so it was really hard for him to dmg me without using DCE (i think he was not running hex m too), i manage to deal with the raichus/pikachu and kill one of the pyroars with hex and another with a bronzong them a finish him by knocking out a shaymin. the second match i got a dead hand and after some rounds he manage to win (1-1), on the third match we locked ourselves, he was justing waiting for energy the pyroar, while i was trying to build something to KO his lions, but he have little time so we end up in a draw.

Night March
That was pretty easy, i focused on getting Toad hitting on t2, after i set up a lock my opponent cant do much, on the first match he manage to put 6 marchers on the discard pile but it was not enough

M Sceptile
Very hard opponent, he dont run special energy and i cant OHKO him, i lost the first round but i manage to win the second, no time for the third round so another draw.

M Latios/Bats
Pretty cool deck, i lost the first round pretty fast, but that was enough for me to draw a strategy, on the second match i locked him with toad pretty fast and he got a dead hand after some rounds he concede. on the third match because i knew he was very dependent of his DDE i opened with registeel and start to discard his energies, he manage to kill both the registeel but the damage was done he had to many energies os the discards and the bats wasn’t enough to kill my pkms, with that i won the third match.

it was a very cool experience, i was expecting a top 8 but not a 2th place, i think i gonna stick with the deck for more time, after float stone reprint it will be even better.

sorry for the long post, just want to share what happen =P


Interesting to see such a push on aegislash throughout here. Is he just more reliable on the 2hko with the ability? Is dialga more situational now without keldeo?

Edit: I run 2-2 and 2 toads, but don’t have a ton of experience with it yet


When as we know it today was first released in Phantom Forces, people usually played two each of Aegislash-EX and Dialga-EX PHF. Aegislash-EX was useful for Mighty Shield; Dialga-EX, with Muscle Band, could OHKO many popular Pokémon-EX with only 170 HP, while being able to easily reload its energy with Keldeo/Float Stone and two Bronzong. Now, not only is K/FS gone (which, arguably, isn’t too big of an issue now that we’re getting Zoroark BTH + Float Stone reprint), but the metagame has shifted toward the stronger and bulkier Mega Evolutions; not to mention that we have a Special variant of every single Basic Energy ( will get one too, I guarantee it). Due to the culmination of these factors, Dialga-EX is waning in popularity while Aegislash-EX is starting to see increased counts not only in variants, but other decks as well ( Rayquaza, Manectric/Aegislash, etc.). Dialga should not be entirely discarded from deckbuilding, however; it does have its merits with Chrono Wind against Pokémon-EX with heavy retreat costs. In the current format, I think the optimal spread of Metal Pokémon-EX should be no less than 2/0 Aegislash/Dialga, but no more than 3/2 A/D.

Toad is not Metal itself, but it’s generally a fine Pokémon-EX in that can be searched with Hoopa-EX while offering a good setup opportunity for the player with Item lock. Most people I know playing run 1-2 Seismitoad-EX.


Really, Seismitoad-EX and Lugia-EX are like how Mewtwo-EX was for a while. If you run energy acceleration and could stand to benefit from DCE, you run that, and a few Mewtwo-EX (Toad and Lugia for now). It’s just amazing how quickly they can hit.

I’m personally working on a sort of MetalBox style deck like FairyBox, in that you run energy acceleration combined with big, mostly [C] attackers along w/ Rainbow Energy for things like Yveltal-EX, Manectric-EX, Trevenant-EX, etc.


The only problem I see is that MetalBox, in XY-AOR, doesn’t have the same versatility FairyBox has, due to lack of an Aromatisse XY-type Pokémon to move energy around. I see MetalBox much more efficient in Expanded, where we have the One-Above-All (Klinklang BLW).


Expanded gets you so much more for this deck especially on the energy side and for a box type of deck too. (Prism and blend energy, KelFloat, Cobalions) However this is the standard thread. In my testing I found Toad to be priceless when I needed him and the 1 prize attackers to be clutch.
I’d be interested in trying maybe a 2-2 AZ super scoop up line, up from my 1-1, to see if I could string dialga better.

Edit: forgot to mention the desire to try some other colorless attackers like the new non plasma lugia ex


What’s everyone’s opinion on the new Smeargle? While taking up Bench space, it makes multicolored Bronzong toolboxes possible and things like Tyrantrum-EX more consistent.


Mega Manectric really becomes the only deck that still SOLIDLY beats this deck in my mind, as practically any deck just gets countered hard.


Mega-Manectric has how much HP?


Smeargle is just too good. Love the card for any kind of rainbow toolbox.



Oh god.
Well, you can’t beat everything in one deck and still win. But seriously, Bronzong might have just become one of the best decks in the format…

Mienshao: Stunfisk BTH for better trading to prevent having to go DCE+Heatran+Muscle Band every turn, just attachment, Metal Links, Smeargle, as well as several Megaphones
Vespiquen: Stunfisk BTH for better trading, to prevent having to go DCE+Heatran+Muscle Band every turn, just attachment, Metal Links, Smeargle.
Vileplume: Heavier Zoroark BTH line to prevent Gust stalling.
Bunnelby: More float stone, more Zoroark, more energy.
Tyrantrum: There aren’t any Basic [Y] pokemon that attack for only [Y] colored energy that would OHKO a Tyrantrum-EX, outside of flipping 2 heads and a muscle band on Mr. Mime XY, however Azumarill PRC Non-AT does 90 for [Y][C][C] if you chose to do 30 to itself. More techs for this matchup will be included in the Bronzong section
Bronzong: Blaziken-EX XY54 does 100/120 on a heads for [R][C][C][C], Charizard-EX XY29 does 120 for [R][C][C][C] if you discard an energy, while it DOES self accelerate, making it an AMAZING starter, Delphox-EX XY19 does 80 for [R][C][C][C] +40 if they have ANY energy in their hand, but that makes it worse than both to me,Charizard-EX XY17 does 120/30 self damage for [R][C][C][C], so it isn’t nearly as good as Blaziken-EX. If you really want a non EX, Magcargo PRC AT does 120 for [R][C][C] to an EX, while having Omega Barrier and Pyroar FLF does 90 for [R][C][C] while being Pyroar (intimidating mane).
Metal Ray: Zoroark BTH you should already be playing, so that’s amazing when they load up their bench, but they need to have 7 for you to KO, Manectric-EX destroys if they have a Spirit Link on, Emolga-EX does 90 discarding 1 self energy for [L][C][C], but it only has 110 HP, but it is a decent starter if you play AZ.


And it just got Mega Mewtwo [Y] to toy around with. Bronzong might have just become the best deck in the format…


It’s reminding me of what I’ve read on the Zeels decks of the beginning of HS-NXD, you really good do a little bit of everything, including:
Small Magnezone line for strong bulky attacker
Pachi/Shaymin for T1 Zekrom/Thundurus/Acceleration w/o Eels
Prism Energy/other colored energy for attacking w/ Shaymin-EX or Terrakion
Max Potion to keep your bulk attackers alive while recovering energy
Heavy Tornadus EPO to combat Fighting
Tyrogue for quick pressure
Level Balls to fetch Pachi, Shaymin, Tynamo, Eels
Skyarrow Bridge to allow for Smeargle/Double Smeargle T1s


I think you’re conflating at least 3 or 4 different decks there, over a number of formats.

But the challenge will likely be similar: what to leave in, what to take out.


You could consider a Hoopa EX in there for more explosive starts.