Bronzong PHF Variants // BCR-on

Flare tools and Enhanced Hammers could really make an opponent rage quit. Lol

I think in people’s rush to crest decks with the new cards they have forgotten about countering other decks. I have won 3-4 matches once I got klinklang out because they didn’t have any non-ex pokemon.

I am thinking of taking out my Keldeo for more metal energies.

I think that these lists have massive holes to counter any donphan deck or garbodor based deck. Seismitoad EX with garbodor could literally lock these decks out and leave 10-14 cards dead by turn 2.

However, Cobalion-EX gets rid of Seismitoad’s DCE for a single energy, and since there is no way to get Special Energy back (besides LTC), Seismitoad will be hard pressed for keeping up its lock.

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And promote Aegislash as your active against Donphan with Strong Energy. Run 2-4 startling megaphones for Garbodor. They only want to use so many tools on the Garbodor.

Also, baby Cobalion helps against toads with out a float stone. (Like, muscle and or hard charm)

baby cobalion is good even if it is against something other than toad.

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I have a question, has anyone tested this deck again Garbodor/Seismitoad decks yet? I would imagine that it could be a negative matchup with them locking out both your items and Plasmaklang/Bronzong. But then again with a well place Lysandre you could take out Garbodor with Cobalion EX. I’ve been hesitant to use Plasmaklang because of this so I was hoping someone could share their experience on the matter…

Also how do you win against Pyroar since all your Pokemon are weak to fire?

You hope their deck completely craps out on them. Because if it doesn’t, you’re stuffed whatever you try.


I feel like taking the auto loss is ok, since pyroar could have trouble with mega Manectric ex.

Huh? Am I missing something, or did you just post that in the wrong thread?

I played one match, and won because they crapped out and never got a tool. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:
Toad doesn’t seem to be a big problem, it is garb. Also, a well played Xerosic discarded his float stone when he finally got it down

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I feel like both Cobalion LTR and Cobalion-EX are crucial against the mirror match; otherwise, it’s all reliant on who decks out first, and the match will be at a standstill. @Phoenix15 can confirm.

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That was a great math. Sorry I had to leave :sweat_smile:

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It’s fine. You were winning anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I just played a Mirror Match today too, it really does come down to who can stream Cobalion EX the fastest. Cobalion LTR/Dialga EX is also useful, but only if the opponent has one Cobalion out and no Keldeo.

i played a metal deck and skarmory ex really helps a metal deck because it diiscards tools attached to garbodor and helps to knock things out with tailspin piledriver.

I meant that pyroar will have problems with other players playing Manectric ex, so they might not be played nearly as much.

[quote=“JStensrud, post:38, topic:3197, full:true”]
I meant that pyroar will have problems with other players playing Manectric ex, so they might not be played nearly as much[/quote]

By that logic, there is just as much reason to not play Klinklang as to not play Pyroar.

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Yeah, you can’t rely on your opponent consistently not play X to succeed with deck Y. Now if Pyroar was already very unpopular in your local meta then that’s a different story; but jumping into a a random meta simply assuming Pyroar wont be played is a risky move. :confused: