British Columbia Regionals (Vancouver, BC, October 17)

I’m leaning on Yveltal right now, but without Archeops, Vespiquen is kind of hard. However, I did notice yesterday that an early Quaking Punch REALLY puts a monkey wrench in Vespiquen’s setup.

May I suggest Yveltal XY/Crobat?
If you just randomly build it, it SUCKS. So it may take some time to make a good list.

That actually sounds really fun, and OP if you know what you’re doing. The only thing is, it has a glaring weakness to Manectric, which is probably going to be at B.C. in swarms…just like Vespiquen, although I think Yveltal XY/Bats would shred Vespiquen. As for the good list, Brit Pybas posted a list on this site, and I think it actually looks pretty solid.

On another Bats deck perspective, how does LandyBats sound?

If Portland people will be there, @thedarkknight and Calvin will probably be there too.
EDIT: Calvin is still a senior???!!!

@jirachi123 Yes he is.
@smashandslash If you feel confident, go ahead. But for a Fighting deck, I would definitely perfer Donphan, with Wobbuffet, Mr.Mime, and Jolteon if you find space. Toad will always be there, and Landy loses to Mega Ray, and Bees will put up a fight.

If you get Tina out asap, you have most of the game. They may run a blacksmith though, so set up another one, maybe.
If you both draw fairly well, though, the match is still in you’re favor a little.

The ArchieStoise list I played against in Lancaster had 4 Articunos I believe. He went on to get 14th I believe. That or 16th. Either way, it was an interesting idea to try and counter all the lower HP cards.

Yeah he is. He’s actually apparently the same age as me, surprisingly. And he is SO tall. Come to think of it, Patrick Martinez is REALLY short. And he’s the one who knocked Calvin out of cut at Worlds in the Top 8.

Maybe you could run a Dedenne or two in Archie Stoise. You could Archie’s Ace in the Hole, then use Entrainment to get exactly what you need. Plus, if they pull the Hex Maniac/Evil Ball KO the thing on your board with all your energies, you can just slap down Dedenne, attach a basic water, then Energy Short to put yourself back in the game.

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I will be there for sure. Taking the train from Washington tomorrow night

Is anyone going able to bring any Shaymins that they’d be willing to sell? Collectors Cache is the worst site to buy anything on and they didn’t ship them. It would really be awesome if you could help me out.

Good luck to everyone!

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