British Columbia Regionals (Vancouver, BC, October 17)

No pre-reg, so just show up at the door.
I’m going, who else is?

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i’ll definitely be going

I’m going, See you all there!

I wish I could, but outside of ultra ball, all my staple trainers are in my deck. [Yes, I do only have 4 VS seekers. Feel free to laugh at the fact that I can’t pull an uncommon.]

Also, What do you guys think would be more popular? ToadTina or Beevees? One of my decks loses hard to ToadTina but is great vs. Beevees, and the other is great vs. ToadTina and loses hard to Beevees. I’m thinking Beevees will be more popular, but I’m not sure.

ill be there for sure

Well, looking at how Lancaster, PA Regionals went, you can probably assume that both are great. Both decks were used, but as you may notice, Bees did exceptionally well. Even with M Manectric, Yveltal, and Toad/Tina running rampant, Bees came out on top both in 1st and 3rd place. That’s all you really have to worry about. If there’s anything I learned this past weekend about Regionals and making it to the top 32, a good deal is matchups. Next to my Sceptile-EX deck, “Beevees” was my next option. It’s consistent, wins on most prize trades, and is relatively good against most meta decks. In the end, I’m the kinda person who wouldn’t play “TBDIF”, but rather seek to counter it, so it’s a little more difficult for me to give the best advice.

Can I ask what division you’re in? I’m in seniors.

@slim182 - both of my decks are non-meta or semi-non-meta.

Play toad Tina or buunnelby. The 2 lists going up for seniors in Pennsylvania are good.

British Columbia Senior.

There will be probably be a vendor somewhere, just be prepared to fork over $20 for a playset.

not a guarantee, Vancouver vendor is awful


Where are the lists going up? soon, Bunnelby made top 8 and Toad/Giratina list made top 8 and won.


I’m definitely going to B.C. too. See you there Josh! Now we don’t have Colter and Jeffrey to worry about!

Do you know if Abaan and Calvin will be there? I’d bet my 2 Gold Ultra Balls that Abaan will be there, but I don’t know about Calvin.

(Oh, and Congrats on Top 8 at Worlds!)

You sure? Yveltal is working out okay for me so far. I don’t want to play Toad/Tina (I hate the reliance on flips, and the fact that I always seem to dead draw with it), and Vespiquen seems too risky. Bunnelby and/or Sableye struggle to win in best of 3. If you lose game 1 with those decks, it’s almost impossible to win. (After playing Toad/Crawdaunt for day 2 of Worlds, I know exactly what I’m talking about, although I didn’t tie at all.) Plus I’m super paranoid about people stalling on me to run down the clock.

My choices are Yveltal, Archie Stoise, Toad/Bats/Megaphone, Vespiquen, maybe Toad/Tina (if the list is good enough), or whatever else seems good enough. What do you guys think?

And how does Toad/Tina do against BeeVees?

And guys, what do you think about this:

how does a Lugia EX AOR sound in an Yveltal deck? Deep Hurricane seems really good in the mirror, since you can get rid of Virbank, and with a Muscle band, you 1 shot opposing Yveltal EX’s. I know they can respond with a massive Evil Ball, but it’s just a thought. It also seems like an ok early game attacker, with Aero Ball applying early pressure to set up late-game ko’s. It also seems like a good tech against Archie Stoise, because instead of needing to use a Dark Patch and an attachment for turn, you can just slap down a DCE, and Keldeos will start dropping like leaves from trees. Of course, I haven’t tested it yet, so I thought I’d throw this one by you guys first. Any thoughts and opinions?

Toad/Tina is the only good choice I see out of that. The list is ridiculously consistent, in my game against it, he did dead draw game 1 though. Game 2 not at all, and it’s pretty easy to get godly draws with it. Or you could play what I played, M Man/Leafeon/Pyroar, you just need good matchups.

I always seem to draw crappy hands with Toad/Tina, like maybe I get Ultra ball, and i use it to get Hoopa, then Hoopa for Shaymin, Keldeo, and Giratina/Seismitoad. Then, I bench the Keldeo and Tina/Toad, then Shaymin, and don’t draw SSU, DCE, Float Stone, Supporter, another Shaymin and Ultra Ball, or a combination of 2 or more of those. I just don’t draw what I need when I need it. However, I think playing a supporter line something like this might help negate that a bit:
4 Juniper
2 N
2 Lysandre
2 Colress
1 Xerosic
1 Team Flare Grunt
1 Hex Maniac
1 Ghetsis (optional)
1 Cassius (optional maybe)
4 VS Seeker

Again, this is just a rough idea. I also want to find room for a Roaring Skies Absol, but what would I cut? Space is very tight in Toad/Tina. I want to keep 4 SSU, 3 Muscle Band, and at least a Hex Maniac or a Ghetsis, but I’m leaning on Hex Maniac for now. What do you think is unnecessary? I think 3 Head Ringer is overkill, as is AZ, Enhanced Hammer, Tool Scrapper (maybe), but other than that I can’t think of anything.

But also, is Toad/Tina really THE best option for B.C.?

I’m in masters, so I don’t know much about the seniors meta. I’m just expecting a lot of vespiquen, night march, and yveltal :confused:

So, maybe Archie Stoise with Kyogre EX would be the play…?

I would play something like that, but the vespiquen and yveltal matchups still seem scary. I’m sure I’ll think of something, though.