Blissey MT 5, Disruption // HP-MD (2008)


Blissey had a breakout performance at worlds, taking 2nd place in the senior division, piloted by Paul Atanassov. It received play at autumn Battle Roads and a smaller amount throughout the season.

You began with Chatot MD several copies(2-4 usually) to refresh your hand(Mimic, or Copycat in attack form).

You then had a pretty thick line of Blissey MT (usually 4-4), with it’s seemingly limitless damage cap and large HP (130).

It also utilized a bunch of disruption (Cessation Crystal, Energy Removal 2, Crystal beach)

Very tanky deck, and was overall similar to Seismitoad-EX based decks.


@Mods is there any way that you could put this into the 2008 category?
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For what it’s worth, you typically will be better off tagging us individually. I usually wouldn’t stumble on this.


3× Chatot
4× Blissey
4× Chansey
1× Warp Point
4× Cessation Crystal
2× Pokédex HANDY910is
3× PlusPower
1× Time-Space Distortion
1× Steven’s Advice
2× Roseanne’s Research
1× Scott
2× Team Galactic’s Wager
4× Energy Removal 2
4× Crystal Beach
4× Castaway
4× Celio’s Network
2× TV Reporter
4× Holon Energy FF
10× Fire Energy

Here is the list that Paul Atanassov piloted.


Bliss Control (TCG) From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.


I think its funny how all of his Pokemon are colorless so he chose a random basic energy.

EDIT: I now see the Holon energy. But It would still be cool to get second at worlds with a deck where you can put any kind of energy in it because all the Pokemon are colorless


It wasn’t very random…
The Holon Energies each do something special
With FF you get
Fire - no weakness
Fighting - no resistance to your damage
With GL you get
Grass - no special conditions
Lightning - damage done to this Pokemon (by your opponent’s Pokemon-ex) is reduced by 10
With WP you get
Water - Preventing all effects done to that Pokemon
Psychic - Free retreat


I noticed it. But thanks for describing the others