Blastoise BCR, Keldeo-EX, Black Kyurem-EX PLS // BCR-on

Umm you can attack with Keldeo or MBlastoise…


Why play mega blastoise when there is kyogre?

MStoise hits bench non-EX Pokemon. That is a huge difference when facing Flareon and Night March decks.

Also Ogre accelerates itself…

Why do you need acceleration when you have Blastoise?


My point is that Kyogre is way better than this, people would just play kyogre if they wanted to play a water deck.

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Can Kyogre get a turn-1 200?

I fully agree with you @ShealynMillay, but this is the Blastoise thread.

That’s been the standard for Archie’s Blastoise since the deck was created…

Most interesting thing about that list is the lack of Black Kyurem EX, and the one Rough Seas.


He probably expected a lot of Toad because BKEX is awful vs it since you can’t play SER. Just streaming Keldeo in that matchup should work, as long as you can get out Stoise.

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I dont think he will stand a chance against toad with 27 items.

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Toad basically didn’t exist in Ohio, for context.


  1. Michael Livingston – Seismitoad EX/Crobat PHF
  2. Andrew Mahone – Landorus EX/Crobat PHF
  3. Corey Scott – Medicham PCL
  4. Deon Lunsford – Seismitoad EX/Aromatisse XY/Malamar EX
  5. Frank Serafinski – Donphan PLS
    6. Steve Guthrie – Blastoise BCR/Keldeo EX
  6. Justin Titus- Manectric EX/Crobat PHF
  7. Carl Scheu – Primal Kyogre EX/Victini EX

I see two Toad decks in the top four. How exactly did it not exist?

Obviously that Keldeo EX/Blastoise deck didn’t do well against Toad, since Toad placed 1st and 4th.

Those were basically the two that were in the room. Obviously hyperbole, but Toad had a very small share of the metagame proportional to the size of the event.

The two in T4 are a very large part of the loss in T8 for the Blastoise.

If it were me, I would not take the results of any state to mean too much. Tool Drop is still not Tier 1, Blastoise isn’t format-breaking, etc.

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    1   	Cryogonal (PF 30)	
4	Keldeo EX (BC 142)	
1	Mewtwo EX (ND 98)	
1	Jirachi EX (PB 98)	
2	Exeggcute (PF 4)
2	Blastoise (PS 137)	
    1      Suicune

1	Lysandre's Trump Card (PF 118)	
2	Archie's Ace in the Hole (PC 157)	
1	Teammates (PC 160)	
4	Battle Compressor (PF 92)	
1	Computer Search (BC 137)
4	Ultra Ball (PF 122)	
4	Superior Energy Retrieval (PF 103)	
3	Acro Bike (PC 122)
3	Bicycle (PS 117)	
4	Trainers' Mail (RS 92)
4	VS Seeker (RS 110)	
4	Professor Juniper (PF 116)	
    1      Float Stone
1	Lysandre (FF 104)	

11	Water Energy (XY 134)

    My favorite list so far! I've gotten turn 1 blastoises 70 percent of the time and beats rayquaza 70 percent of the time
4	Squirtle (BC 29)	
1	Wartortle (PB 15)	
4	Blastoise (PS 137)	
3	Keldeo EX (BC 142)	
3	Black Kyurem EX (PS 95)	

1	Computer Search (BC 137)	
1	Heavy Ball (ND 88)	
1	Level Ball (ND 89)	
3	Rare Candy (DE 100)	
4	Superior Energy Retrieval (PF 103)	
2	Tool Scrapper (DR 116)	
3	Ultra Ball (PF 122)	
1	Colress (PS 135)	
2	N (NV 101)	
4	Professor Juniper (PF 116)	
3	Skyla (BC 149)	
3	Magnetic Storm (FF 91)
3	Shauna (XY 127)	
1	Professor's Letter (XY 123)	

10	Water Energy (BW 107)
3	Lightning Energy (BW 108)

This is obviously before the BCR format but without current access to PTCGO, this is the best i got from memory and bebesseaech. Please help me make edits and improvements to this deck that i want to recreate. I want it for current format (only for attending LCs) and for speed ( i know this can be worked on due to archie’s and battle compressors). Thabks in advance peeps!

After some playtesting this is what I’ve found. Loving it so far.
80/20 against Dragon Ray decks and 70/30 against Colorless. Suicune is amazing.
50/50 against Toad. Depends on if I can get blastoise out early, cryogonal helps a lot.
60/40 against Bats
60/40 against Fairies
20/80 against Flareon. This deck is horrible against it.

Have you tried against TrevMin? Groudon?

What Toad variants have you played?
Do they differ greatly?

The toad variants I played differ greatly, I’ve played a lot of slurpuff ones though. Never played Trevimin sadly. Groudon I have and I do pretty good against it. 60/40 I haven’t played much groudon though.

Suicune is a lot less amazing against variants than run Archie’s Empoleon (or even Raichu). It’s a good card though, and this is one of the few decks that can run a Safeguarder well.

Toad match up is likely going to come down to Crushing Hammer flips and Grunt. If Blastoise can’t keep Energy on the board or recover it with Retrieval, it’s going to have a hard time.

I would probably play Float Stone and hope to get one down before the lock.