Blastoise BCR, Keldeo-EX, Black Kyurem-EX PLS // BCR-on

Bump the dive ball count, no drawbacks for a water pokemon, SIGN ME UP! Drop the wailords and 1 ultra ball maybe for a manectric/mega manectric line.

I have now taken out the Wailord in exchange for Suicune cause I am finding that I cannot beat these Safeguard Pokemon at all. I also took out a water in exchange for another Juniper as Colress is proving slightly unreliable at times with this deck. And this decks needs more consistency I think, not less.

You should consider
-1 Ultra ball
+1 dive ball
-1 Skyla
+1 Juniper
-1 Candy
+1 Prof letter
-1 SER
+1 Colress.

I have to disagree. Those cards give consistency and this deck in fact needs more consistency

So adding more Supporters decreases consistency?

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I would think 4 dive ball, 4 juniper, 3 Colress and 2 Prof letter make it more consistent than before.

No but changing the candy and the SER does. I do need another Juniper in the deck just what to replace it with.

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Well, why not ry out the changes first before instantly saying it wont work and hurts consistency.

Because the list that I use is very similar to the one that came 2nd in Seniors at Worlds

And the one that never faced Seismitoad-EX.

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How hard is it to try? @Skyla is right, that deck did not face toad. the changes I made replace 2 items with supporters, not only ill this help with draw power, but it will help with seismitoad matchups and fix the awful inconsistency of 3 juniper.

Yes I do see your point. Unfortunately Seismitoad does exist. I think everybody needs to accept that. But I have been finding that 3 candies isn’t enough and that SER’s are too important. I agree this decks needs more consistency but not in the areas of important items. I will try taking out a water for a 4th Juniper.

Maybe try 1 or two battle compressor’s instead of a letter, so your SER’s can get going immediately? It could help with consistency in drawing what you need to draw into.

Letter is much better than Battle Compressor in this deck. You are playing a card to discard cards and then discard more cards to get them back. I would much rather just get the 2 Waters and Deluge them instead of using 3 more cards just to get one more energy.


Im just gonna throw some theory at you all if im wrong just disregard my comment.

Battle compressor in theory should be really good for this deck. We all know letter is great, but also pokemon like eggecute plf you can now quickly dump them with battle compressor to create quick superior e. retrieval at 0 cost. Also, ultra ball is still great with this. Along with dowsing.

Ive also, seen people debating about support in my personal opinion the best support line in this deck is
1x jaraichi ex
4x juniper
4x n
1x colress (can be dropped)
2x lysander
3x vs seeker
2x skyla (vs seeker is more efficient now.)
I dont feel like you need more or less than this.

As for blastoise lines
4-1-4 is most effective (if you feel that you can dodge the toad drop it to a 4-0-4 line.) Playing more wartortile slows the deck immensely.

I think blastoise would benefit from 1x toad in their lists. As we can use the second attack as well. But there are much more efficient water attackers. Keldeo ex for example.

If you want manetric ex and mega manetric the deck wont have any room for more than a 2-1 line with 1 spirit link. This can be really good in the right meta. Dropping 1x s.e.r can help accomidate this.

Please dont go less than 4x rare candy. If you want to actually play a blastoise deck. Imo you can play less but it defeats the purpose of t2 blastoise.

I don’t think black kyrem ex is viable anymore due to mega evolutions exceding 200hp but overrun on manetric ex can help soften them up a bit. But dedicating 2-3 spots to this pokemon i dont think is the answer.

Pokemon i would consider for the deck would be.

  • suicune safeguard.
  • mewtwo ex hits for weakness on alot of new fighting pokemon + phycic wars.
  • eggecute propagation ability. 1-2 with battle compressor.
  • keldeo ex 2x keldeo
  • manetric ex and m manetric. 2x -1 line. With 1x spirit link.
  • jaraichi ex at 1.
  • black kyurem ex at 1x.

Please reply if you have any questions.

Dude just no. That deck does simply not work. I think Blastoise’s days are numbered. Black Kyurem just doesn’t cut it anymore. Both Mega Gardevoir and Manectric are going to continue to see play as well as Mega Kangskhan or however you say it. Will Primal Kyogre be the replacement deck for water lovers though?

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Captain obvious. Not like people playing the deck probably dont know this.

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What would be the ideal partner for primal kyogre be

Its hard to say at the moment. His primal verson is strong. But i dont think his actual normal ex form is.

I think its a different deck but something like.
2-2 manetric and mega
2-1 normal and primal kyogre
1- black kyurem ex
1- kyurem plf
1- zapdos (baby thingy everyone uses now)
1- jaraichi ex

Can consider suicune, seismatoad and mewtwo i guess.

I think the goal of the deck should be to ditch water energy, attack with turbo bolt attach to primal kyo, then free retreat and all you need is a laser to 1hit ko. Or overrun can soften up the bench pokemon. So no laser needed.

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