Blastoise BCR, Keldeo-EX, Black Kyurem-EX PLS // BCR-on

I know this deck is a fan favorite but right now it has no spot what so ever in the format other than against fighting variants. Other than that it will lose pretty miserably.

Well, ain’t that nice…

This deck has potential, and works for some people. Just because it isn’t as great as some of the archetypes in this meta-game, you shouldn’t insult it, and it’s players.

The deck has won two league challenges recently in Australia. Haha.


@happygrape123 keldeo is still better but blastoise ex has rapid spin which is pretty good
@chris482 i agree with @Kjjamer5, blastoise is dying and wont be doing well especially without beach, you should try garb/toad or xerneas/aromatisse or something like that.

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@Phoenix15 Consider my point, give me one positive match up for this deck. I live in NJ, and this deck was down at the lower tables, didn’t stand a chance. VG ran over it with in seconds, and with pyroar there not letting anything but blastoise attack, it lost miserably. And Beach is gone, the meta game is against this deck, and with beach gone, u just gotta put the deck down.

  1. He didn’t insult any players
  2. Decks don’t have feelings. It doesn’t matter if people ‘insult’ them.

Don’t mini-mod, please.


I have been reading a lot lately and building a Blastoise deck for my son (he is a Jr.) and he just played in cities taking 7th place. He could have done much better, but at 6 1/2 years old, he got really side tracked by the beauty of his opponent and made some very poor decisions. One thing that impressed me was that at his level he was able to take down a Virizion/Genesect deck in the first round without much of a problem. Sigilyph was his saving grace! His opponent was 10 years old and played the deck for quite sometime. Here is the deck list that he was running, any input on improvements are appreciated…

2-2 Blastoise
2 Keldeo EX LT
1 MewTwo EX LT
1 Kyurem LT
1 Reshiram LT
1 Zekrom LT
1 Sigilyph (Safeguard)

11 Pokemon

2 Lysandre
1 Lysandre’s trump card
3 Superior Energy Retrieval
2 Muscle band
3 Shauna
3 Professor Sycamore
3 Tierno
2 VS seeker
4 Ultra Ball
2 Rare Candy
1 Xerosic
2 Startling Megaphone
2 mountain Ring

30 Item cards (Supporters, trainers and stadiums)

11 Water Energy
1 Psychic

19 Energy

I don’t run N or Colress, but I do have 2 Skyla on the way to help with Item card searches for the remainder of the sesason. One thing I noticed is that the consistency isn’t there to get blastoise out as there are only 2 of them and he usually ends up with a rare Candy OR blastoise in hand…

So, what I would like to know is… would adding in + 2-2 blastoise to maximize the Blastoise draw be a good idea or is that too much? I am in favor of running the dragons (Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem) to have counters for various types of decks to hit for weakness with outrage, but would removing these and adding an additional Keldeo be better? I don’t have a Ballista Black Kyurem EX, but I do have a Black Kyurem EX from LT… only does 150 damage but with muscle band will do 170 and almost OHKO most EX’s. Good to add? But the down side is I need to make room for lightening and bc it takes 2 lightening energy I would need to run minimum 3.

Sorry for the ramble, I hope its understandable! Again, any suggestions would be great!

The Black kyurem PLS is nearly a must, being able to kill nearly any pokemon with a muscle band is great. I’d say to run 4 rainbow energy, it is more versatile. bump the S.E.R. to 4

why not try suicune instead of sigilyph? it is water type and can be powered up by blastoise.

Hey guys! Thanks for the replies! I didn’t think of rainbow energy, but yes they could be the perfect substitute for running the lightening energies.

I probably won’t buy the Kuyurem EX PLS seeing as to how it will more than likely be rotated out next time around, so I will use what I have on hand aside from a few cheaper cards to make the deck more consistent, I.e. blastoise and Skyla.

I have a Suicune on order as well, I forgot to mention if on the first post for the exact reason stated I just put sigilyph in to test it and it worked quite well.

You can always trade online too, I trade a lot. It’s a nice thing for when you need cards but don’t want to shell out money.

I am not familiar with online trading as I am quite new to pokemon…any tips?

private message me, I can offer advice, I don’t want to get too off topic on this thread.

I wouldn’t play Rainbow. SER can recycle the basic energy, meaning you can get away with running a more diverse spread.


I would recommend putting Bicycle or Roller Skates. Other Card you can try is Electrode PLF that helps drawing cards.

Another Cheap option for the deck is runnig Lapras XY. It could be good late game as a mean to recycle energy back into play. And its attacks is not that bad.

I can understand the thought behind putting in bicycle or roller skates as they are items as opposed to supporters, which I am currently running. What would you suggest taking out to replace them with?

I have also tried a 1-1 Electrode line but found it to get Lysandre’d and KO’d before the opportunity to use its ability to the fullest.

This deck is really tight for space and with all of the new cards like head ringers, it’s hard to incorporate counters to them. Maybe I am over-thinking this and trying to counter too much with the deck?

Why are you using reshi and zeky? Kyurem EX from plasma blast has outrage that does 30 damage to start, and with a muscle band, you can use giga frost for 170 knocking out most ex pokemon. With energy retrieval and its more powerful brother, you can get those 2 energy discarded back and attack again like Dialga EX from Phantom Forces. Sigilyph is not needed because Suicune from blast is better for the deck with the water typing.

I was using Reshiram and Zekrom as a counter to other types of decks…Genesect and Virizion for instance where they are weak to fire, so Reshiram would do double damage for weakness. Just a different take on the deck that I was looking for feedback on.

I have been working the deck for the last few days and am thinking it is not the way to go and will probably be removing them as I have Suicune coming in the mail as well as some other cards to change the deck up and make it more consistent. I am actually going to test using Balck Kyurem EX from Legendary Treasures and see how that works out. Unfortuate part is I need to put in some lightening energy and then just use Rush In with Keldeo every other turn. shouldn’t be an issue as I will be running 3 Keldeo as well. As well, if the rotation goes with LT on next, then the deck will still be viable if they reprint Blastoise sometime before then.

Thanks for the feedback! I will definately look into Kyurem EX… sounds like it would be a good option for sure!

Hey this will be my list as of the next expansion in February. I feel that as this deck runs so few lightning energies that running rainbow’s/prisms is incredibly risky. I really wanted to be able to run something that dealt with safeguards but space is quite tight. Yo could also take out the wailords or a lightning or something anyway’s. Anyway this is my list.

3x Keldeo Ex
2x Black Kyurem Ex (Black Ballista)
2x Wailord Ex (Beginning of game stall whilst I set up)
4x Squirtle
1x Wartortle (Cause Seismitoad unfortunately exists)
3x Blastoise (Obvious)

9x Water
3x Lightning

3x Rough Seas (Just makes sure things last longer because Landorus does exist)

3x Ultra Ball
3x Dive Ball
2x Startling Megaphone (I play expanded so I prefer to use Scrapper)
4x Rare Candy
4x Superior Energy Retrieval
1x Professor’s Letter

3x Juniper
4x N
3x Skyla
2x Colress

1x Dowsing Machine

I might also be taking out a rare candy in place for a VS Seeker. As we all know space in this deck is extremely tight. Might also be taking out another water for a VS Seeker or Skyla. Let me know what you guy’s and gal’s think.

definitely take out a wailord…