Blastoise BCR, Keldeo-EX, Black Kyurem-EX PLS // BCR-on

Im just gonna throw some theory at you all if im wrong just disregard my comment.

Battle compressor in theory should be really good for this deck. We all know letter is great, but also pokemon like eggecute plf you can now quickly dump them with battle compressor to create quick superior e. retrieval at 0 cost. Also, ultra ball is still great with this. Along with dowsing.

Ive also, seen people debating about support in my personal opinion the best support line in this deck is
1x jaraichi ex
4x juniper
4x n
1x colress (can be dropped)
2x lysander
3x vs seeker
2x skyla (vs seeker is more efficient now.)
I dont feel like you need more or less than this.

As for blastoise lines
4-1-4 is most effective (if you feel that you can dodge the toad drop it to a 4-0-4 line.) Playing more wartortile slows the deck immensely.

I think blastoise would benefit from 1x toad in their lists. As we can use the second attack as well. But there are much more efficient water attackers. Keldeo ex for example.

If you want manetric ex and mega manetric the deck wont have any room for more than a 2-1 line with 1 spirit link. This can be really good in the right meta. Dropping 1x s.e.r can help accomidate this.

Please dont go less than 4x rare candy. If you want to actually play a blastoise deck. Imo you can play less but it defeats the purpose of t2 blastoise.

I don’t think black kyrem ex is viable anymore due to mega evolutions exceding 200hp but overrun on manetric ex can help soften them up a bit. But dedicating 2-3 spots to this pokemon i dont think is the answer.

Pokemon i would consider for the deck would be.

  • suicune safeguard.
  • mewtwo ex hits for weakness on alot of new fighting pokemon + phycic wars.
  • eggecute propagation ability. 1-2 with battle compressor.
  • keldeo ex 2x keldeo
  • manetric ex and m manetric. 2x -1 line. With 1x spirit link.
  • jaraichi ex at 1.
  • black kyurem ex at 1x.

Please reply if you have any questions.

Dude just no. That deck does simply not work. I think Blastoise’s days are numbered. Black Kyurem just doesn’t cut it anymore. Both Mega Gardevoir and Manectric are going to continue to see play as well as Mega Kangskhan or however you say it. Will Primal Kyogre be the replacement deck for water lovers though?

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Captain obvious. Not like people playing the deck probably dont know this.

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What would be the ideal partner for primal kyogre be

Its hard to say at the moment. His primal verson is strong. But i dont think his actual normal ex form is.

I think its a different deck but something like.
2-2 manetric and mega
2-1 normal and primal kyogre
1- black kyurem ex
1- kyurem plf
1- zapdos (baby thingy everyone uses now)
1- jaraichi ex

Can consider suicune, seismatoad and mewtwo i guess.

I think the goal of the deck should be to ditch water energy, attack with turbo bolt attach to primal kyo, then free retreat and all you need is a laser to 1hit ko. Or overrun can soften up the bench pokemon. So no laser needed.

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Silent Lab only works on Basics. Garbotoxin works on all abilities.

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Cant believe i didnt notice this. Wow i feel dirty, shame on you hadosrocks.

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Thanks mate! C: you are the best.

I think it’s safe to say that Blastoise is dead

Yeah man its dead. Probably for a good cause.

Can’t speak to whether it’s good or not, but the list I’ve got on TCGO right now with Archie is hilarious if nothing else. T1 Black Ballista is very satisfying.


Would you consider sharing your list c:

Would never play it outside of a League Challenge because the Toad and Donphan matches seem suspect, but it’s fun. This is what I threw together in about 5 minutes and didn’t edit at all. Could see a Trump Card for sure. Abnormal amounts of Switch/Escape Rope is to help get hand down to the 1 Archie. Ditto Letter and Dive/Repeat Ball. Low Supporter Counts are because you can’t afford to have them clogging the hand.

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Certainly alot of work needs to be done for league play but the concept is good. Do you rather dowsing or comp search.

How about this. I’ve played this since I started and constantly play this at league, home, states, city and other tournament events in MS. I call it Hayley’s Comet after my daughter. (Her first toy was a jirachi)

3 Black Kyurem EX (BB)
2 Keldeo EX
2 Jirachi EX
3 blastoiee
1 wartortle (withdraw…duh)
3 squirtle (shell…duh)
1 swampert (dive se…this shouldn’t even be up for debate
1 mudkip
2 ever (energy evo)
2 lefeon (plf)
1 exeggcute

21 pokemon

1 lysandre
1 Archie’s ace
3 Sycamore
3 skyla
2 vs seeker

8 (10) supporter

2 electrical
2 grass
7 water

11 energy

4 superior energy retrieval
3 rare candy
3 dive ball
2 ultra ball
2 battle compressor
1 prof letter
1 energy retrieval
1 dowsing machine

17 (19) items

2 (3) rough seas

Now the hit points I see daily people playing my variant. N is good for us. No matter what when someone Ns you in this deck it will never be a bad gig. Never are you left with draw engine, dead draw, something to do next turn. Everyone else plays enough N you get that support regardless.

Shuffling your hand for a better draw sounds good but people forget it is NOT CONSISTENT. putting those cards you DONT NEED back into the deck and DECREASE percentage of drawing what you DO NEED is a bad play. Skyla for it or throw the whole thing for seven. Nothing in this deck can’t come back in one way shape or form.

Now starting from top. 3-2 kyurem keldo is key, need the attackers and since swampert and dive and everything else we need 3 kyurem.
A wartortle is yes a need for seismetoad but throwing your opponent off with lefeon will by blastoise time. Much needed time at that with decent HP.
I teched shroomish for a bit which Is funny but lefeon will stay a bit longer and does damage.
3 squirtle because of dive ball and compressor and search engine out the wazoo
No sacred ash!! I know I want it somewhere butttt… Yea…
1 lysandre because if you’re doing justice rarely do you need to catch anything. But there’s vs seeker just for the occasion
Everything increased by 1 because of dowsing…duh
Compressor to put away specific energy and exeggcute

This works and consistently even if you throw swampert, and a vs seeker early or anything really don’t fret. It’ll all come back again sometime later IF you really need it. It is all to bring out what you need to fight against seismetoad, metal decks because honestly they put more energy down than you will. And practically anything else. Virgin is somewhat still an issue but seismetoad is still atop that issue and is beatable.

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I would probably run at least 3 copies of Archie’s Ace in the Hole. It is incredible (not to mention the FA looks awesome)! Remember, Blastoise decks in the past had to run Tropical Beach to counter small hand sizes. AAITH (Archie’s Ace in the Hole) actually BENEFITS from having small hand sizes. With it, you can completely cut the Squirtles, the Wartortle, and Rare Candies. I would probably run 1 copy of Primal Kyogre EX. Alpha Growth allows energy acceleration under Garbotoxin or Wobbufet PHF. Then, you run a copy of Lysandre’s Trump Card. The deck looks just sick. I think it has the possiblility to be as aggressive, if not more aggressive than Blastoise decks from the past. Good start on the list.

I would probably up the Dive Ball count to 3, and cut an Ultra ball to do so. 4 copies of Archie’s Ace in the Hole seems a bit overkill, so I would cut one for a 3rd VS Seeker. Cut 1 Black Kyurem for a Primal Kyogre EX. I would also cut probably Repeat Ball for a Lysandre’s Trump Card. I’d say that is a mandatory tech for a Blastoise deck such as this. I might find room for a Max Potion, but I don’t think it’s necessary, since you run AZ. You could try fitting in Jirachi EX, Exeggcute PLF, Empoleon DEX (it was reprinted in Plasma Freeze as a secret rare), Enhanced Hammer, Head Ringer, Tool Retriever…the possibilities are almost endless! However, I think at least 2-3 Muscle Band is a must. Black Kyurem needs it to keep up with Megas nowadays. But other than that, the list looks pretty good!

You will never pull off Ace in the Hole unless you base your deck around it. You can’t just toss in three willy nilly and have it work.

That’s why I only play 2, and those will be cut in favor of better draw supporters.

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