Blastoise BCR, Keldeo-EX, Black Kyurem-EX PLS // BCR-on

So I’ve created a blastoise/keldeo deck from a site I found online and I find it pretty effective with turn 2 and turn 3 blastoise really often. I seem to have a problem with draw power as I run out of cards frequently so I was thinking of running more 4 N’s and 4 Skylas? And maybe 10 energies? Suggestions please. I have been playing against my friends genesect/virizion so maybe its the match up. I don’t know. Need help!

EDIT: Won’t let me post the deck list but I’m using the one on this site.

I would run:

4 juniper/sycamore
3-4 N
2-3 Skyla
2-3 Colress

Eeek, you always want 4 Skyla in Blastoise

I’m thinking of adding colress but I don’t know what to give up. Its seems like a such a good card when I’m play testing and it comes to the mid-late game

Yeah, thank you, I might just remove mountain ring and add the 4th skyla?

I actually dig Training Center as the stadium of choice in this deck. Keeps Blastoise and Electrode alive a little bit longer. Here’s my list.

4 Squirtle BCR
1 Wartortle BCR
3 Blastoise PLB
3 Black Kyurem-EX PLS
2 Keldeo-EX
1 Electrode PLF
1 Voltorb PLF

4 Juniper
4 N
3 Skyla
2 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball
4 Rare Candy
3 Superior Energy Retrieval
2 Float Stone
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Computer Search

2 Training Center

3 Lightning
9 Water

Before anyone chastises me about 4 Skyla, I will simply say that I got sick of seeing a Skyla when I needed an N or Juniper. Also, 2 Lysandre is extremely strong in this deck.

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sick. may I ask why you run 4 squirrels, 1 wartortle, and 3 lightning?

1 Wartortle and 3 Lightning makes sense. 4 Squirtle is excusable but I wouldn’t run it

Who has an actual good reason to not be running 4 Squirtle now that Level Ball has rotated?

You’re relying on that thing for a Pyroar counter, for getting out under Item Lock, and as your gameplan. I would argue 3 is borderline awful.


I’m with @KPiplup on this. 4 Squirtle is a staple in my deck because if I can’t draw into Squirtle, I sure as heck can’t get Blastoise out. I wish I had room for a 4th Blastoise but I haven’t had much issue with only running 3. I was debating trying to fit a spot in for Sacred Ash but I can’t find the right things to move. Perhaps it’s not even really worth it in the end.

Wartortle is vital against Item lock decks (Trevenant, Seismitoad). It helps you get the Blastoise out and running if and when you play against some of those item lock decks. 3 Lightning is my personal favorite because 4 is too much and 2 is too little. If this were a different meta and I could afford the space, I might consider running a more energy-centric line and dump tons of energy into the discard pile with Black Ballista. A big thing to remember is never have all of your energy on the field at once. If you have to Juniper away that 3rd (or 4th) Superior Energy Retrieval, your day is going to be pretty rough. I learned that after about 3 or 4 games of playtesting (online). I explained 1 Wartortle in the above paragraph.

I went 1-2 with this list at a League Challenge in Haines City a few days ago. The two losses were both to Seismitoad decks, but all three games I got turn 2 Blastoise and at the very earliest I got a turn 2 Black Ballista against my one win (a Plasma opponent). I still love this deck, but against Seismitoad, any stage 2 deck is going to have a pretty rough time, especially if you’re banking hard on that Rare Candy setup.

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Blastoise is a dying Archetype, but if you’re asking me, you REALLY need the extra N and Skyla. Also, run the fourth squirtle, and maybe a Druddigon to counter other druddigons OHKOing Kyurem.

Pokemon (14):
3 Squirtle [BCR] (Shell Shield)
3 Blastoise [PLB] (Deluge)
3 Keldeo EX [LTR / BW61] (Rush In)
2 Black Kyurem EX [PLS] (Black Ballista)
1 Voltorb [XY] (Destiny Burst)
1 Electrode [PLF] (Magnetic Draw)
1 Exeggcute [PLF] (Propagation)

Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums (36):
4 Professor Juniper [PLB]
3 Skyla [BCR]
3 N [DEX / BW100]
2 Pokémon Fan Club [FLF]
2 Lysandre [FLF]

4 Rare Candy [PLB]
4 Superior Energy Retrieval [PLF]
4 Ultra Ball [FLF]
2 Random Receiver [DEX / PLS]
2 Professor’s Letter [XY]
2 Float Stone [PLF]
1 Startling Megaphone [FLF]
1 Pal Pad [FLF]
1 Mountain Ring [FRF]
1 Dowsing Machine [PLS] (ACE SPEC)

Energy (10):
8 Water Energy
2 Lightning Energy

This is the list from the website, for convenience.

Theoretically, the following would be could in this deck:

  1. Training Center, furious fists: + HP to blastoise.
  2. Xerosic, when released. Allows you to discard special energy.
  3. either if the Team Flare Hyper Gear tools. these will deter Seismitoad, especially head noiser. When they are released, of course.
  4. Super potion. with unlimited attachments, super potion healing 60 is alright.
  5. Malamar EX. When released, it can be highly useful, providing you attach an energy to it from your hand. It would have a good chance of getting you out of a seismitoad lock.
  6. Seismitoad EX! It is pretty good, and since it item locks your opponent, it can hurt Stage 2 decks considerably.

"Blastoise is a dying archetype."

That is almost true. It still can be played, but it lost a lot with Tropical Beach being rotated. The deck will be playable, but it probably won’t win anything big. Of course, It might just sweep the Fall Regionals, so…

We’ll have to see if there’s a real replacement to Tropical Beach on ORAS or Phantom Gate.

yeah, I’m so sad about the tropical beach. But its still alright. I’m gonna be adding training center and maybe seismitoad ex and a super potion and I’m gonnna try it out a bit.

How would this deck do against virizion/genesect?

It wouldn’t do that well, Red Signal Keldeo and Megalo Cannon …repeat…GG.

Or they could just Red Signal your Blastoise and cut off your energy acceleration. Or just pick off Squirtles before they even evolve. So basically nothing on your bench is safe against VirGen.

Druddigon can’t revenge OHKO other Druddigons. It only does 90 if your pokemon has been knocked out and the new Druddigon is weak to fairy so you would need a Muscle Band.

How about adding blastoise ex into this deck? 3 water for 120 is not bad.

That’s not a bad idea, though the Keldeo-EX is better. If you think about it, with the same energy, it will be doing 110 damage, and can continue to stack. It also has the rush in ability, making it useful overall. I was thinking of kyurem PLF. You could charge it up in one turn and do damage to the bench/blizzard burn for 120. You can then use keldeo-EX to rush in and retreat to reset.