Blastoise BCR, Keldeo-EX, Archie's Ace in the Hole Variants // BLW-on 2016

Not really. You can use double articuno against all three of those decks to take lots of prizes then finish off the game with a Lysandre on shaymin and a secret sword. I get how Kyogre ex helps, but there are so many other things I’d rather have.


Muscle banded dual Splash hits active sableye for 70. An a benched garb for 50. It helps, or, just spread with kyogre and then hit for extra prizes with Articuno.

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I honestly like Lugia EX in here, it can discard skyfield so I can get rid of shaymins, jirachis and wounded keldeos.

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So this is the decklist that got me first at the Ashland city championships.
2 Blastoise
2 Exeggcute
2 Jirachi EX
2 Jirachi PROMO
2 Shaymin EX
1 Articuno
3 Keldeo EX

10 Water Energy

2 Archies Ace in the Hole
2 Prof. Juniper
1 N
1 Lysandre

2 Rough seas

1 Tool Scrapper
3 Acro Bike
4 Trainers Mail
4 Battle compressor
4 Ultra ball
4 VS seeker
4 Superierior Energy retrieval
1 Muscle band
1 Float stone
1 Professors letter
1 Computer search

I will definitely replace a Jirachi for a lugia or wailord, I only used 1 and the other one ended up being a dead card the whole tournament. The rough seas are another thing I will drop, I had replaced skyfield with them but regretted it instantly, several games i couldn’t get turn 1 archie because I ran out of bench space, and in the finals My bench consisted of 2 jirachi, 1 shaymin, an egg and Blastoise, leaving no room for keldeo. Next city championship if I play this deck I will add a fisherman, a switch and a single unown (1 unown, 2 acro bike).

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If you are thinking about adding a wailord or a lugia, I would definetly go with lugia. Lugia is a very underrated card in expanded, largely because people like mewtwo more (for no valid reason in my opinion). Lugia’s Deep Hurricane has a very interesting effect of removing the stadium in play. Archie’s Blastoise doesn’t run a lot of stadiums to begin with and even then a lot of times you end up discarding them. Thus, Parallel City and Silent Lab hurt the deck, but Lugia greatly alleviates the issue. Furthermore, Night March isn’t very popular in expanded (at least based on city results so far), and wailord was important for that matchup largely.

Yeah, and even if it was, 2 Articuno more than does the job in that matchup.

I like 1 articuno, drawing 2-4 prizes I can’t complain with and after that its easy to lysandre a Shaymin or Mew for game. If I do run Lugia should i only play 1 stadium card? I only play 2 to knock out silent lab and other harmful stadiums.

EDIT to avoid double posting,

How dos this look? I just keep getting the feeling something is missing, I would like to find room for a fisherman but I don’t know what to take out.

Drop the letter. And swap out both acro bikes for another unown, and a 2nd Articuno at least. Vespiquen is very popular right now.

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The only Stadiums I ever ran were Tropical Beach if I could, and Rough Seas if I couldn’t. Beach is useless after setup (unless you dead-draw for ages), and Rough Seas is expendable. So, good point!

4 keldeo ex
3 blastoise
3 mewtwo ex
1 suicune
4 professors letter
4 ultra ball
4 battle compressor
4 vs seeker
3 superior energy retreival
2 float stone
2 energy retreival
computer search
muscle band
3 professor juniper
2 n
2 archie
2 rough seas
12 water energy
i dont know how good this will be cuz i just built it and havent gone to a league yet, sorry!

-1 Keldeo
-1 Stoise
-2 Mewtwo
-1 Suicune
-3 Professor’s Letter
-2 Energy Retrieval
-? Fisherman (I’m assuming 1)
+2 Exeggcute
+2 Jirachi EX
+2 Shaymin EX
+1 Superior Energy Retrieval

And then other stuff to add which I don’t know because I’m no expert on this deck, all I know is that these changes are necessary. Hope this helps!


Besides what chipidat said, -1Juniper -1 N +1 lysandre +1 fisherman -1 rough seas -1 float stone - 1 mewtwo +1 Lugia ex +2 articuno.

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Mewtwo is better than Lugia in our meta right now. Manectric and M Manectric are both sorta popular and they roll Lugia.

is trainers mail a good addition for this deck? i dont have jarichi or execute.

It’s a great addition. It helps dig items out of your deck.

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Don’t play the deck without Jirachi or Exeggcute


I think you should take what I say seriously, as I have played Archiesstoise for most of the season. If you cant play 4 trainers mail, 2 eggs, 2 jirachi, 2 shaymin, 2 blastoise, 4 vs seeker, 3 keldeo, 4 ultra ball, 4 battle compressor and 4 SER don’t play the deck. If you don’t have those your deck won’t consistently get turn one Blastoise, which is necessary to win most matchups.

Necessary to win ANY matchup.

i dont have any jarichi or eggs. but everything else. is there a substitute for either?

There is really no replacement for such good cards that are needed in this deck no matter what, there is really no point in playing the deck without them

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