Blastoise/Archie and Pyroar/Archeops decks

So, I’ve been away for a bit, and now that there are a lot more cards out due to Sun and Moon I was wondering what new cards would benefit my decks? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Here are my deck list :smiley:


2- Archeops
2- Exeggcute
2- Jirachi EX (stellar guidance)
1- Keldeo EX
1- Mewtwo EX (x ball)
3-3 Pyroar

3- Evosoda
4- VS seeker
2-Level balls
4- Battle compressors
4- Ultra balls
3- Acro bike
3- Trainers mail
1- Computer search
1- Training center

1- Lysandre
2- Professor Sycamore
1- N
2- Blacksmith
2- Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick
2- Float Stone
2- Muscle Band

3- DCE
6- Fire Energy

I feel I get trapped with supporter cards too often to get out archeops turn 1, so maybe finding something to replace blacksmith? And I’m sure there’s other (better) cards now to go in here to help this deck out.

Blastoise/Archie deck:

2- Blastoise
2- Exeggcute
2- Jirachi EX
1- Articuno
3- Keldeo EX
1- Mewtwo EX (x-ball)
2- Shaymin EX
1- Wailord EX

4- Ultra Balls
1- Computer search
4- Battle compressors
4- Acro Bike
4- Superior Energy revival
4- Trainers mail
4- VS seekers
2- Rough Seas

1- N
2- Archies ace in the hole
2- Professor Juniper
1- Lysandre
1- Float Stone
1- Muscle Band

11- Water Energy

With this deck, I honestly don’t know what to do. It’s a good deck, but I feel with the new GX cards, it might be lacking something somewhere. Maybe giving up Wailord for a GX? Idk… which is why I’m here! I hope to hear from some of you soon. Thank you :slight_smile:

Wishiwashi GX>Wailord

Sorry I can’t give any advice on Pyroar/Archeops, that deck hasn’t shown up here since you were last here

If you want a good Pyroar/Archeops deck, make sure you include an espeon ex(s). It should give the deck a late game plan.

Should I keep the blacksmith? I feel they should be replaced due to keeping me from getting turn 1 or turn 2 archeops a lot of times, but idk what to replace them with…?
And Wishiwashi looks good. Never thought of that :smiley:
Should I just drop the pyroar archeops deck? Or do you think with some tweaking it could be viable?

It could be viable, but it would be inconsistent sadly. And blacksmith would be a problem, considering that the attack cost of pyroar is ®©©.

Unless they ban Hex Maniac, Pyroar as a card will be unviable. I love pyroar as much as the next guy (it’s the sole reason that I got an invite in 2015) but it hasn’t been viable since Primal Clash when it lost pretty much all of its autowins.

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They need to ban a whole lot more than just hex maniac to make pyroar viable lol

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It would be more efficient or more playable if it was a jolteon (with or without glaceon) archeops deck. That way, you could use Max elixir, not have to evolve, and your opponent would need a ranger instead of a hex.

I mean yeah, but I didn’t really want to make a list of the 15+ cards that Pokemon printed because they hate me

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Pyroar archeology is more fun and has less options for opponents to shut it off