Blastoise 2015 standard

How about this. I’ve played this since I started and constantly play this at league, home, states, city and other tournament events in MS. I call it Hayley’s Comet after my daughter. (Her first toy was a jirachi)

3 Black Kyurem EX (BB)
2 Keldeo EX
2 Jirachi EX
3 blastoiee
1 wartortle (withdraw…duh)
3 squirtle (shell…duh)
1 swampert (dive se…this shouldn’t even be up for debate
1 mudkip
2 ever (energy evo)
2 lefeon (plf)
1 exeggcute
21 pokemon
1 lysandre
1 Archie’s ace
3 Sycamore
3 skyla
2 vs seeker
8 (10) supporter
2 electrical
2 grass
7 water

11 energy

4 superior energy retrieval
3 rare candy
3 dive ball
2 ultra ball
2 battle compressor
1 prof letter
1 energy retrieval
1 dowsing machine

17 (19) items
2 (3) rough seas

Now the hit points I see daily people playing my variant. N is good for us. No matter what when someone Ns you in this deck it will never be a bad gig. Never are you left with draw engine, dead draw, something to do next turn. Everyone else plays enough N you get that support regardless.

Shuffling your hand for a better draw sounds good but people forget it is NOT CONSISTENT. putting those cards you DONT NEED back into the deck and DECREASE percentage of drawing what you DO NEED is a bad play. Skyla for it or throw the whole thing for seven. Nothing in this deck can’t come back in one way shape or form.

Now starting from top. 3-2 kyurem keldo is key, need the attackers and since swampert and dive and everything else we need 3 kyurem.
A wartortle is yes a need for seismetoad but throwing your opponent off with lefeon will by blastoise time. Much needed time at that with decent HP.
I teched shroomish for a bit which Is funny but lefeon will stay a bit longer and does damage.
3 squirtle because of dive ball and compressor and search engine out the wazoo
No sacred ash!! I know I want it somewhere butttt… Yea…
1 lysandre because if you’re doing justice rarely do you need to catch anything. But there’s vs seeker just for the occasion
Everything increased by 1 because of dowsing…duh
Compressor to put away specific energy and exeggcute
This works and consistently even if you throw swampert, and a vs seeker early or anything really don’t fret. It’ll all come back again sometime later IF you really need it. It is all to bring out what you need to fight against seismetoad, metal decks because honestly they put more energy down than you will. And practically anything else. Virgin is somewhat still an issue but seismetoad is still atop that issue and is beatable.

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