Blargh257's 2016-2017 season (15/too many)

I’m back.
LC (both):
15 | x
x | x
x | x
x | x
Then whatever the rest of the format is for this
Goal is 200 CP because pride and stuff

Modesto LC 7/30/2016: Darkrai/Giratina/Garbodor
21 players
R1 vs Phinnegan Lynch (Toadbats)
So my first round in several months is against literally the best player in the room. Oh well. The matchup is bad and my list is for next format so I have no AZ anyways.

R2 vs Yveltal/Zoro/Gallade

R3 vs A bad deck with a Malamar start that annoyed me

R4 vs Trevenant/Alakazam
I promote a Garb and have no Float Stone left.
woooooo being bad

R5 vs Grassbox
He starts Sceptile-EX and I kill it before he can get anything else down.
8th, 0 CP

Santa Clara LC 9/18/2016

R1 vs Xerneas BREAK/Diancie-EX/Regirock/Ninja Boy
Oh boy…
Fortunately he takes a bit long to start attacking and by the time he finally does I have set up enough to OHKO Xerneas BREAKs with Dark Pulse. Regirock was bad, it just took energy from his attackers.

R2 vs Volcanion
I manage to survive the first wave. Volcanion isn’t very good after that. I N him to 2 late game and he runs dry.

R3 vs Vileplume/Ninja Boy
I get nervous when he flips over Jolteon EX and then remember that I play 2 Yanmega and a Hydreigon-EX, and kill that with the Hydra after he whiffs the T2 Flash Ray. His energy don’t really come together after that, and I use Yanmega to protect a Darkrai and get enough set up to sweep. The game ends with three Double Dragons on the Hydra from earlier.

R4 vs M Rayquaza
Yanmega carried this, because Ray by nature must play tools to keep up. I use him to keep up my attackers and get the Parallel City on the board. When she whiffs Sky Field, Yanmega stays alive. If this ever happens, that’s a huge advantage, I get rid of the Ray IIRC and by that time am doing enough with Dark Pulse to take Lysandre pickoffs for game.

R5 vs Volcanion
He starts Entei and Float Stones it so I build up Volcanion again. Pretty even game after that, but his inability to hit Sycamore and thereby have it available for VS Seeker does him in.

R6 vs Volcanion
He gets no EX’s turn one and Belts the baby Volcanion, so I have a decent advantage, but can’t capitalize as I go 0/2 on Elixirs turn 2. I get a Darkrai running IIRC, but he manages to double Steam Up and Belt a Flareon to kill it. I get rid of that with Yanmega (which he KO’s) and Darkrai, and it gets to the point where I have an active Darkrai with attacking energy and a Giratina with attacking energy benched, as well as a Yanmega. He has one prize left, a baby Volc active, and three EX’s on the bench, two of which have Float Stones. He begins powering up the not-Float Stoned Volcanion and I Lysandre it up before it can get enough energy. He has no outs and I win the tournament.
1st, 15 CP, 0 packs for some reason

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