"Blank Space" – The Tier List for Standard, Fort Wayne, and Beyond

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Not bad for a first article! Good job Brad!

I am however confused as to why you would run a Genesect EX FCO in Rainbow Road. Is it just for Drive Change to save tools, or the fact that it’s a Metal Pokemon, or both? Or is there some deeper reason, like what kind of situation would Drive Change be really helpful? Sure, saving Exp. Shares from being discarded off a Sycamore, but is that really all? Is that really a good enough reason to run it?


Thank you!

You pretty much nailed it, being able to save your EXP. Shares from going to waste is the main use. There aren’t a whole lot of viable Metal type Pokemon, another option being the Promo Jirachi, but Genesect-EX FCO was more useful. Being an EX was actually another one of the biggest selling points for Genesect, since you’re able to search it out with Hoopa-EX. More often than not, you’re able to get either Hoopa, or an Ultra Ball to search out your Hoopa on the first turn. If you’ve got an EXP share in hand already, being able to grab your Genesect-EX immediately, can help you preserve those resources, while still being able to increase your damage output.

Hey Bradley, just wanted to give you some big props on this article.

I took your Volcanion list to a League Challenge yesterday. The first premier event we’ve had in our area this year (Australia sucks).

I played it to a third place finish:
M Mewtwo - W
Yveltal/Mew - W
Darkrai/Giratina - W
Gyarados - Got dunked…won game two on my last two turns where I parallel citied my EXs on the bench and Sky Returned a karp to prevent losing on the next turn.
Scizor/Garb - W
M Gardevoir - Tie…we IDd so we could play Pokemon Sun/Moon Lol

So, a big thank you from me. :slight_smile: I have been testing the deck a lot, and lately testing lots of different things like elixirs and Starmie and I worked out eventually that I didn’t need any of those things (or at least that Starmie sucks) Your article + list showed up at just the right time for me.

Also your link in the Vileplume section to Alex’s Vileplume article inspired my girlfriend to play Vileplume which led her to a 5th place finish so props to Alex as well.

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