Big Basics Variants // XY-on 2016

I have been running this at league and online with some success. I believe there is still room for tweaking in the trainer line once I get some more testing in but this is where I have started.

4x Lucario EX
2x Shaymin EX ROS
2x Lugia EX AOR
2x Raichu XY
3x Pikachu XY

4x Professor Sycamore
4x Shauna
1x Prof. Birch’s Obs.
1x Lysandre
1x Xerosic
2x Hex Maniac
1x Team Flare Grunt

3x Fighting Stadium
4x Muscle Band
3x Crushing Hammer
1x Enhanced Hammer
2x Super Scoop Up
3x Switch
3x Ultra Ball
4x VS Seeker

4x DCE
3x Strong Energy
3x Fighting Energy

I took a look at Lucario EX as there does not seem to be a lot to fear in the realm of Psychic attackers in this format (atleast that I have seen) Being able to punch stuff and draw cards is a bonus, and the raichus are good for some work while only yielding one prize. I am still testing this though I haven’t had as much time as I am focusing more on my expanded list tweaking for upcoming LC’s. But when I play XY this is what I play and it has been fun and successful.

Having played your expanded big basics deck, isn’t 4 Lucarios a little much? I think 3 would be fine, as you’ll never need 4 in a game. Also, Birch is better than Shauna because it draws a half card more. I also think 2 Hex is a little much considering you have 4 vs seeker. Also, I’m not a fan of less than 3 scoop ups, as a lot of the time you will have played your to copies and gotten no use from it. This is all imo tho.

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I’m sorry but I hate the half card argument because it’s not true. You will never draw 5.5 cards. You will either draw 7 or 4. The average means nothing when you’ll never hit it.

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Do you prefer Shauna over Birch @Dweinhardt?

Here’s some reasoning I’ve heard:
If you’re running 3 or 4, use Professor Birch’s Observations because you can have some luck; use Shauna if you’re using lower counts, for consistency.

My luck sucks, I will always take consistency vs luck. Also, I still have to do testing on this, but in my past experience with basic decks I generally want to have 4 of my main attacker, not because I will ever use 4 but to make sure I get one or 2 for sure, the rest can be discarded to balls/professors.

I still need to do a lot of testing with this deck, as I said I have been focusing more on my Expanded deck atm as the tournaments coming up for our LC’s are primarily extended.

I do, but that doesn’t make it better. Neither is superior to the other.

Right, its a preference thing. I would prefer a guaranteed 5 vs a possible 4/7

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Raichu isn’t a basic Pokemon but I see it’s utility, can hit big numbers and weaknesses. Lugia is great, but powering up lucario and running dces would hurt consistency with those numbers. Lugia also doesn’t hit any weakness being colorless. Thats really the whole idea of big basics, tank, power up attackers, and ability to hit for weaknesses. It’s like a box type deck but without the frills of energy transfers and the like

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So they have revealed the new Manaphy EX and it is just pretty much a darkrai for this deck and i think can save what is left of this deck, anybody else think that?

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We’re not allowed to talk about those cards yet, but to answer your question, I say no. It only has 120 HP and that is a big problem.


Oh ok I didn’t know if we were allowed to yet or not, but I say it is worth the free retreat just like with expanded big basics

This is a standard thread.

@Butt3rBob, if you want free retreat, you could just run a 1-1 or 2-2 line of dodrio BKT.

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Fairy Garden would be better, it’s not a stage one so yeah

But you need to run Fairy Energies for it to work. Then the list gets clunky, so yeah; not Fairy Garden. Dodrio actually seems solid.

Rainbow Energies can be a substitute for Faried

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you could run fairy/rainbow energy and fairy garden, but it will take up a lot more than 2-4 spaces.

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Dude rainbows are fairy energy they are any type

I am aware @Butt3rBob.