Better deck to build on a budget: Swampert/Blastoise or Greninja Break?

Hello! I just started playing a while ago, and I recently started to attend events. I have an idea of a Swampert (Primal Clash 36/160) and Blastoise EX deck that I wanted to build, with XY30 Blastoise EX and M Blastoise EX (Generations 18/83). I also slapped that together with a Wave Slasher theme deck, because I am low on money but I still really want to play the game.

I wanted advice on whether it would be financially smarter to try to build my Swampert/Blastoise deck, or a Greninja Break deck? Here’s my current decklist:

Pokemon (23)

Blastoise EX x2
M Blastoise EX x1

Clauncher x2
Clawitzer x1
Clawitzer Break x1

Mudkip x3
Marshtomp x2
Swampert x2

Froakie x3
Frogadier x3
Greninja x2

Suicune x1

Trainer (22)

Dive Ball x2
Rare Candy x2
Rough Seas x2
Silent Lab x1
Wally x2
Teammates x1
Professor’s Letter x2
Skyla x1
N x1
Shauna x2
Brigette x1
Professor Sycamore x2
Great Ball x3

Energy (15)

Water Energy x10
Splash Energy x2
Double Colourless Energy x3

Thank you for the feedback and help!!

Play greninja IMO.
It’s a very good deck and is much better than swampert and blastoise.

The list you put out has a lot of Pokemon lines in it. If you’re going to play one or the other, I would hone in on one main line in order to improve consistency.

Furthermore, if I were looking to play something that has good potential long-term viability, I would definitely look at Greninja. Greninja is a solid and cheap attacker. I don’t see the value of the attacks or abilities Greninja can use for such a cheap cost going down much over time. New releases may prove me wrong, but it’s got the earmarks of something that won’t ever be 100% terrible.

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Ah, okay, thank you!

Thank you, I’ll put my focus on Greninja Break, then. :0

just gonna put this here to say that greninja won’t be top deck after we get tool removal back:

Yea, but it won’t be an awful deck. Compared to the other thing he wanted to build its definetly better

swampert is actually decent (much better than chomp (sry to all chomp lovers)) and is a little forgotten about as a card; but greninja is defo the best deck in format simply on raw mechanical power (therefore meaning when it sets up it generally wins). Im not suggesting greninja to not be the best deck he could build; simply stating that greninja’s tournament viability may become seriously questionable with a one-card tech like this in format.

And my point was, even with giratina in the format, it is still 1000 times better than Swampert/Blastoise ex. He’s just taking one of those two choices and deciding to invest in it.

Yeah… i got that…

This won’t push greninja out of the format

The only real reason garb appeared in darktina decks was to out greninja (ofc volcanion is in format now too); this card does it with a larger hp bar that greninja can still 2hko but not using shadow stitching at all and giratina is easy to setup. I feel decks like (mainstream) Mgardevoir-Ex can easily tech this one-of to autowin greninja (aswell as yanmega break which often is a difficult MU due to its faster setup; paired with Mbeedrill-ex probs). I see greninja’s future as a little like rayquaza’s with this new giratina in format.

People were lamenting the death of Toad/Giratina back when the Jirachi promo came out this time last year, and it died for a week or two. And then people stopped running it because Toad/Giratina stopped showing up and then Toad/Giratina started showing up again.

So it goes.


Silent Lab will stop it

Silent lab has already made its way into ninja lists. Also I wouldn’t consider m beedrill and issue.

I meant the Mgardevoir Mbeedrill MU… sorry if it was at all unclear.

True did not remember that at the time of writing; but it gives greninja one more thing to worry about. Mb double up in a tina deck with chaos wheel will be gg and M ray or gardevoir (although I don’t support 4 of them for the latter) can stadium bump with sky field; In short, this will probably be another nail in greninja’s coffin, but definately not the last one with greninja’s raw mechanical power, needing at least 2 years before the power creep will even catch up.

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