Best Guess for Mexico City Regionals Date?


So most NA regional dates have been announced, but Mexico City’s regional date is still confirmed to be a placeholder date by the organizer. Do you all think the announced date will be after June 3rd (the placeholder date) or before June 3rd and how have previous regionals with placeholder dates been handled?

A little background on my thoughts: I am currently at 280 CP and I am trying to decide my path now. Like last year, I can’t really go to the amount of regionals like top players do - so I have to pick my regionals carefully and hope I get lucky with a performance [Last year I got a t4, this year I got a t4]. Currently I can go to VA regionals, probably the intercontinental if its on the east coast, maybe the origins special event, and possibly Mexico City. Mexico City looks to be the cheapest option for me as a regional other than VA, costing me only 300 dollars for a round trip flight, far cheaper than American options at the moment from NC/VA. If I max out on cup points (which is unlikely, but doable) I am trying to make sure I have a few ways to get that last 20 points


Are you an American? If so, I would not think about it. The political atmosphere is one where that could possibly get you into trouble. Mexico City also has crime problems. If you want to go, then go, but understand that there could be issues outside of money and Pokemon here.


I am American yes, but I am also half Guatemalan and capable of speaking at least working Spanish. I am aware that things could go down the bucket later on - hopefully they don’t between our countries


Well, if being American is a political issue in Mexico, prepare for an extremely small regionals. That being said, I don’t think that that would change attendance


6/10 was the impression I got out of one of Ives’ more recent vague FB posts.


Pokemon has it listed as 6/3/2017. Or is that just more of a suggestion on their part?


The PTO for the event has said the 6/3 date is a placeholder and that the event is not that day.