Best Flareon/Empoleon Counter?

Other than seismitoad EX, which are the best Flareon|Empoleon counters?

-Raichu XY
-Dedenne FFI
-Lysandre’s Trump Card

Post your best counter and why!

Hawlucha with a Mirror as a wall in Donphan. Raichu is the best you said.

Seismitoad/Trump card.

Leafeon will probably have some fun with that.

I havent really had trouble with leafeon, i usually only have 1 dce in play which is a 3hko.

If you are playing a straight Toad deck then i can see that. But when you are playing like a Yveltal deck? They will probably have 3 Energy in play leading to a Leafeon Bangle OHKO. Don’t forget about Leafeon’s second attack, as it can wreck a Toad.

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M Manectric does a great job, especially with Max Potions.

Depends on the deck. Baby Yveltal w/Silver Mirror works as they don’t usually run Megaphone and trying to 2HKO with Empoleon isn’t great for them.

Ah, that reminds me,

If you’re playing Donphan, Attach a Silver Mirror to Hawlucha and you’ve pretty much just won the game.

Already widely used in decks based on Metal Links or Fairy Transfer, this guy stays safe and sound as long as the opponent does not have any Flareon / Eevee / Ditto with basic Energy attached in play.