Best draw supporter

Which is more useful:

  1. Professor sycamore - dump hand draw 7
  2. Professor oak’s new theory - shuffle and draw six
  3. N - shuffle and draw to the number of prize cards left.

Which is better in what situation and WHY?

If this is situation based why not include the one that gets you ten cards on a full bench for both people?
(Really good against gardevoir decks)

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First off, if you are going to answer a question you should at least be polite and at least answer with an obtion he asked for.

I say N. As the game goes on, you run less risk of decking out then drawin 7. Or 10.

Add to that it’s disruption power. N’ing your opponent to one has won many a game.

First off, don’t mini-mod.

Secondly, if someone asks a question and you think you can provide useful information aside from the options given, then it’s not impolite to do that. It’s a discussion, not a poll.

Thirdly, Juniper/Sycamore is the best draw Supporter, as it draws the most cards on the most reliable basis. However, this does not mean it is superior to the other cards in all circumstances.

Fourthly, it pains me that N is regarded as staple draw. Rocket’s Admin was seen as a technical disruption card. Just shows how poor our draw options are, I suppose.


This is why next set is so good, with cards like Shaymin and Trainer’s Post it makes N less of a card we need 4 of and more of a 2/3 of as a disruption card.

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baby_mario is correct; for those that like (excessive?) detail, it is important to note how Professor Juniper and Professor Sycamore (seriously, why didn’t they just use an errata to make them one card named “Professor”?) rewards and punishes various approaches to the game. Discarding your hand can be a serious draw back, but in light of being able to draw seven new cards it ratchets up the need for cards to be high on utility or versatility (preferably both). This discourages carefully grooming your hand over multiple turns for impressive combos, because your main source of draw power destroys any build up unless it can be split before and after using said Supporter.

This behavior also rewards most other draw supporters; in fact I’m not sure if there is one that it punishes; while using a shuffle-and-draw effect like N or Colress allows you to avoid throwing away cards that are useful or important (but that you can’t play quite yet), when you are trying to draw into a specific card or cards you’ll still play your hand down as low as you can so that you don’t risk re-drawing what you shuffle in. This style of draw power is very hard on Evolutions, especially Stage 2 cards, because of their inherently “combo” like nature.

Then consider N, which also punishes trying to build a combo in hand but for both players. With this kind of draw power, the format inherently rewards simplification of decks. This does not mean they don’t require skill and thankfully it isn’t like everything is Haymaker, but running multiple Stage 2 Pokémon as Stage 2 Pokémon is near impossible.

At the very least, how restricted our options are; N is a lot less scary in a format where players have time to set-up via attacks and/or Abilities; save for the fact they were actually Poké-Powers or Pokémon Powers, that is how some of my favorite past formats worked. Though I guess “draw” attacks would still be thwarted by N so even legendarily overpowered openers like Cleffa (Neo Genesis 20/111) wouldn’t work all that well right now. When Rocket’s Admin. - N by another name - came out I really liked the card but I don’t recall it being a “staple” unless you were focusing on disruption. Shrinking the opponent’s hand is less impressive when they have something on the Bench that can draw at least three cards; it would be like trying to use N against Seismitoad-EX / Slurpuff decks.

I find that I have a much better game if I get an early Juniper/Sycamore. I think it’s because it thins the deck and makes drawing into what you need easier, but really you have to look at it on a deck-by-deck case. Some decks run better with all the cards in the deck (N and Shauna) and some run better with all the cards in the discard (Professor). Which is why most deck have 4 Professor and 4 N.

Not in rotation btw, Shauna is the very sad “replacement,” if you can call it that.


I think Professor Oak’s New Theory would see significant play if it was legal, but that is because most decks right now are always “settling” for their last few Supporter slots. Though with Shaymin-EX from XY: Roaring Skies on the way, that may not hold true much longer. Especially after that and even now, it would be really hard to choose between PONT and N: at first it seems obvious to go with the former because you don’t get stuck with ever weakening draw power and won’t risk helping out your opponent but those epic comebacks or hand disruption seem to win me more games than they cost me.

I suppose if PONT were legal I’d run one less N and one or two less “other” Supporters in the deck so I could work in two to three PONT. It is sad that Shauna really is not worth running in most decks: she is basically a reprint of Professor Oak’s Research which was a great and still good card for most of its time in older Modified Formats. There were definitely times when it wasn’t the best choice, but it wasn’t a “well if you’ve got nothing better card” until the very end (I think PONT came out at a time when POR was still legal). The thing is this makes a good barometer of balance; shuffling and drawing five cards should be on the happy side of average, even if not by a lot, a “solid” card. The fact that even when desperate for another draw Supporter (especially a reliable shuffle and draw) that Shauna couldn’t cut it, tells us how crazy dependent decks are on the draw power of Professor Juniper / Professor Sycamore.


Thank you for your wonderful reply Otaku.
Quick Question: In a Stage 2 Deck, which supporter should I play - PONT or Sycamore? There were a few times where I dumped too much resources (Rare Candy, Emboars, etc.) to the discard pile.

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If you are playing in a venue that allows both, I’d take the risk of being a bit slower and run at least some PONT, if not mostly PONT, over Professor Juniper or Professor Sycamore. Still it isn’t something I’ve done or even read about, so I’d practice practice practice to make sure. :wink:

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