Best Decks in Standard Format


If you had to put two mega in the same deck, I would put mega manectric and primal groudon. That snergy isn’t actually bad.


Combining both is rarely a good idea, especially when Kyogre has built in Acceleration. Like @jirachi123 said, M Manectric with [Maxie’s] Primal Groudon is pretty strong. In fact, my team and I almost played it for worlds (along with a 1-2 Hippowdon line.) we would’ve played it if it didn’t lose so hard to night March


I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was thinking about just two mega pokemon with their basics. Maxies is probably much better though.


Maxie’s Groudon is very good in Manectric if your deck is built around it. Manectric/Hippowdon/Groudon is probably the best way to play it