Best Decks in Standard Format


There was a Mienshao deck in the netherlands in some sort of standard regional that managed to get 2nd in a field of nothing but lock decks. If you run enough energy disruption its possible to deal with lock decks and tough it out still


Move lucario bats up, it’s actually good in standard, also since your including brt add Noctowl/plume/eeveelutions to the list as their 2 or 3


It is. Only concern is resource management, but you can easily run Bunnelby for that.


Been testing M Manectric / M Mewtwo Y

It is awesome.
While you may be thinking Giratina, if the Giratina is actually attacking it needs four energies so if the M Mewtwo Y can attack it can get a OHKO with Hex Maniac.


2 megas seems really clunky.


I rather like that idea. Not that I will be trying it anytime soon.
2 megas SOUNDS clunky, but I was able to get M-Manectric/P-Kyogre to work during spring regionals. So this is a similar concept: use Manectric to power up another powerful Mega.


Define “got it to work”.


What do you mean “got it to work.” Did you go X-0-2 with it? Did you manage to break even? There’s a wide spectrum of getting something to work, and achieving a winning record isn’t a clear demonstration of this by any stretch of the imagination. Megas are faster stage twos in the sense that you need 3 cards in the right order. For example: To get Vileplume out, you first need Oddish, then Gloom, then Vileplume. To get M Rayquaza EX out, you need Rayquaza-EX, then Rayquaza Sprit Link, then M Rayquaza-EX. Doing that twice, without evolution acceleration is extremely clunky, and a 4-3 record doesn’t “make something work.”


It does sound interesting but I don’t know much about the deck. I’ll test it and see what I think. For now I’ll put it at tier 2. I may or may not move it up later.


What about any kind of Decks with Zoroark?? Also, Primal G cant be Tier 3, IT IS ONE OF THE BDIFs imo, well, at least better than Camerupt. I think it is great. I am still trying to get a good consistent list going but it is coming along, especially w/ BTH


Marowak BREAK and Mega Glalie should be removed from the list. Both are extremely situational decks with massive flaws that prevent them from being played to any success.


I just removed the BDIFs entirely just because all the top tier decks can be BDIF.


Legitimately not that clunky. As someone who played against M-Manectric/M-Rayquaza [N], it’s not that bad so long as one of them is M-Manectric and the other at least partially shares the energy and has decent draw/acceleration support and is decently bulky. However, the deck was dropped as it had poor Donphan and LandoBats matchups.


Not confirmed yet. Giratina laughs in your face and you need focus sash to deal with Vespiquen or else you are dead.


Rayquaza ROS and Mega Turbo are far more consistent than Manectric. Any situation where you describe Manectric powering up a mega, mega turbo is infinitely better.


It used all three, that was why it worked.


That sounds extremely unnecessary and far ore clunky than just playing Mega Turbo and Reshiram, instead of trying to fit in all three.


Manectric/Kyogre got me my two performances closest to Top Cut. And I have never made Cut at a sanctioned event.
I’d say I got it to work because I got that close to cut. I played it for 2 spring regionals. In the first one, I started 3-0-1, in the second one, I started 3-1.
Now here is were the clunkyness comes in:
In the 3-0-1 Regional, all I had to do, is win one more round out of the next two, but I was only able to get one more good GAME out of those 2 rounds. So I lost both rounds, thanks to bad prize cards. 3-2-1
Some examples of bad prizing is having ALL basic Kyogre or ALL basic Manectric prized, unable to take any prizes without a whole line.
In the 3-1 tourney, I just had to maintain my record. But I couldn’t win another becasue ALL I played the rest of the day were Toad/Puff decks. I ended 3-3-1.
I was just about to quit the game becasue ALL the Toad/Puff decks going around. It was just going to get worse becasue if Toad/Shaymin… Then the ban occurred.
If you think 2 Megas in a deck are clunky, then don’t play one, and not worry if someone else does.


Here’s the biggest issue I’m seeing. M Manectric and P Kyogre normally have great matchups against Toad in general. Manectric carries about a 75-25 and Kyogre carries a 65-35 against it. The fact that you created a poor matchup against toad proves that there’s something wrong. I have to ask, What were your reasons for playing both Manectric and Kyogre in the same deck?


They were like my first two Megas lol. And I saw synergy with rough seas. I just really liked Manectric for powering up things, and at the same time, I really wanted to build Kyogre but couldnt get all the cards for it. So I just combined both.
I knew I had a good matchup against ANY Toad deck. But its not 100-0. I had like 70-30 but I may have fallen into that ‘30’ for the whole day.