Best Decks in Standard Format

I posted a while back about expanded decks for regionals. Now that regionals is behind us, it’s time to start thinking about the standard format. I’m not quite sure what to play yet but I’ll eventually figure it out. This is mainly a discussion about standard decks and cards and to see your opinions on good cards, and what’s going to be strong play mainly for cities but for other standard tournaments throughout the season as well. The decks I think will be strong or just playable are the following:
Tier 1 (clearly good)
Turbo Tina
Mega Mewtwo Y/Aromatisse
Night March
Mega Rayquaza
Yveltal Crobat

Tier 2 (can top cut a Cities)
M Mewtwo/M Manectric
Maxie’s Primal Groudon/Manectric
Primal Groudon/Regirock
Raichu Crobat
Mega Sceptile
Lucario Bats
**Tier 3 (Who knows if it’s good?)
Gengar Bats
Fairy (Xerneas/Florges)
Fairy (Mega Gardevoir)
Fairy (Giratina toolbox)

iesI’m pretty sure there is more but I’m not sure. I’ll update the list of decks later on. Please comment about your input.

I’m pretty sure Cards that haven’t been oficially released in English aren’t allowed being talked about outside of the set thread. Also, what’s Batman?

Oh, I didn’t know that and batman is Manectric/Bats. I’ll just remove the decks involving the new cards until their release.

Night March, bees, Raichu/bats

manetric regice? Isn’t that very good?

M Manectric

Mienshao is really good if you can get set up.

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OK, so to everyone that sent me the decks, thanks! Like I said I forgot a lot, especially Mega Manectric/Regice (HOW DID I FORGET THAT ONE!?) I’ll update the list now.

Vileplume what? Miltank? I haven’t touched much on Vileplume so I don’t know the best variants that go with it.

I’m still working on variants myself. I just posted deck ideas or a Pokemon to base a deck on.

Miltank, Aegislash, and Lugia is the way to go

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Mienshao can get good with some Focus Sash.
I have played with a Vileplume/Miltank/Aigeslash and if I set up T1 I win. But sadly, I haven’t found THE list yet.
If anyone finds a great list for it then its BDIF potential.
You’re also missing Machamp/Ariados. The deck can be both fun AND good. I tried it at a draft I played at Worlds. I lost to the finals to a mirror match becasue he had TWO Machamp.

And then I guess I’l spoil my secret recipe:
Malamar AOR can do things. I like it when it sets up. Basically a Standard version of Sable-Mill

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I think probably M Manecric/Regice and the big hitters of Night March/Vespiquen are probably the best decks.

Manectric for the speed of the deck and the others for the sheer 1 hit knock out power with ex’s and the prize swap ratio.

Maybe Rayquaza but it has bad matchups too all three of the above.

Another deck to maybe add to the list is Vileplum/Miltalk/Giratina or Giratina Fairy very good decks vs M Ray, M Manectric etc and if you set up fast, Night March/Vespiquen cant play.

@Chipadat, why Camerupt?

Tyrantrum/Giratina/Bronzong is actually a serious threat in Standard now that we’re getting Float Stone and Super Rod back in format.

Gengar/Trevenant is also legitimate for the same reason, other than having a poor Manectric matchup.

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Because of the new burning energy, it makes the card stronger. If you see in my description, it says that the following decks will be strong or just playable. I know it’s not going to be a big shot but it stands the chance of at least being good.

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I think Camerupt/M Houndoom is ok.
But I thought we are not talking stuff that isn’t released yet as it has no showing?

I’m not even talking about Mega Houndoom, just Camerupt. I never really thought about good variants for the card yet.

I would add Giratina/Fairies to that list. It is a tad slow but it is hard to stop once it sets up.
I’ve been testing out Wobbuffet/Crobat and have been seeing solid test results from it.

I would add Giratina/Fairies to that list. It is a tad slow but it is hard to stop once it sets up.
I’ve been testing out Wobbuffet/Crobat and have been seeing solid test results from it.

I agree at stated before, Giratina/Fairy is solid imo
It’s not crazy slow, the energy acceleration is better than quite a lot of standard decks, Especially if you start with Xerneas